Fund Launches to help South Yorkshire Abuse Victims

30th September 2014

South Yorkshire Community Foundation (SYCF) has launched the Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Fund in response to the recent reports of abuse in Rotherham. The CSE Fund will help meet the existing demand for extra resources to support those affected. The fund will be available to community groups and charities working in supporting vulnerable young people not only in Rotherham but South Yorkshire wide.

Jonathan Hunt, Chairman of SYCF said:  “South Yorkshire Community Foundation has set up this fund with the aim to help local organisations already addressing Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and new initiatives that will be created as an extra resource to those affected. The fund will also be available to those taking preventative action to stop further exploitation.
“This new fund, which has the support of the High Sheriff for South Yorkshire, will provide an opportunity for the community at large to show their support for the victims, survivors and their families.”

John Bramah, High Sheriff for South Yorkshire said: I am supporting the Fund set up by SYCF as I believe there is currently a greater need than ever to support and help to resource community groups who are working on strategies to combat Child Sexual Exploitation.  I hope that the community at large will feel able to donate to the Fund so that we can make an impact on and influence the future for our young people, so they are able to feel safe, flourish and achieve.

Ruth Willis, CEO of SYCF said: The fund is open to donations from anyone and gives the public an opportunity to help the survivors of this exploitation and others. There are already many groups funded through the Foundation carrying out good work in this area in South Yorkshire. We want to ensure that the work of community groups is supported and sustained. 
The distribution fund will cover the whole of the South Yorkshire region and be for grants of up to £5,000. 

To donate to the fund please go to (donation page address goes here) or (further donation options).

There are 3 ways in which you can donate:

  • Online at 
  • In person at any branch of Yorkshire Bank, by cheque payable to SYCF CSE Fund
  • By post - cheque payable to SYCF CSE Fund to: South Yorkshire Community Foundation, Unit 3 G1 Building, 6 Leeds Road, Sheffield S9 3TY or call into their offices.

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