Fixed Odds Betting Consultation

13th December 2017

In February, General Synod passed a motion pressing for limits on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs), including a £2 maximum stake. The motion (which can be read on the CofE website) named the destructive impact which accessible, high-stake machine gambling can have on families and communities, and recognised the breadth of public concern about the harm these machines can cause. The government is currently engaging in a consultation on this issue, and the Board of Faith & Justice would like to urge as many people as possible in the diocese to engage in this before the closing date of 23rd January 2018.

In particular, the consultation asks responders to give a view on what the maximum stake on FOBTs should be, and gives a £2 stake as one of the options. People can engage in this consultation by giving yes/no answers to a simple survey. The first question is about the maximum stake, and the remaining questions cover a number of issues. Anyone who does not feel confident about answering all of the questions can still submit their survey response even if they only answer Question 1.  If you have any questions about this, please contact the Archdeacon of Sheffield & Rotherham.

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