First World War Commemoration: Sheffield Voices in the First World War

16th August 2016

Sheffield Cathedral has commissioned a special project and exhibition to commemorate 100 years since the Battle of the Somme which began on 1 July 1916.

After a very successful first showing, the second run of the exhibition opens on the 15 of August and runs until the 29 August 2016 in Old St George’s Chapel.  It tells the stories of seven real Sheffield people who were caught up in this important moment in history.  The stories and archive images will be displayed on installations designed to look like war memorials.  The stories include a mother on the home front in Sheffield in 1916, a female worker in a factory, a battlefield nurse, a soldier in the Sheffield Pals, an Officer in the York and Lancaster Regiment and a schoolchild.

The display is open to the public and has free admission.

The exhibition is aimed at Key Stage 2 aged children and above.  Families are invited to speak to the Cathedral's informative tour guides to get the most out of the experience. From September, Sheffield primary schools will also receive a free teaching resource leading on from the exhibition.  They will also be invited to take place in a commemorative event in November 2016.

Sheffield Cathedral has commissioned the research, exhibition and tour from Historian Laura Alston, who is a PhD History student at the University of Sheffield, and from Richard and Amanda Johnson at Kidology Arts - a Sheffield based company which specializes in creating exhibitions, arts activities and events for children.  The project has been made possible with the kind support of Sheffield Community Covenant. 

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