Diocese set for big weekend of ordinations

20th June 2016

Ordination services will take centre stage over this coming weekend with six new candidates being ordained at Sheffield Cathedral.

Church of England candidates who are called to ordained ministry are presented to their bishops at this time of the year at special services.  For their first year following the ordinations, the candidates are known as deacons.  They will serve in parishes around the Diocese of Sheffield for 12 months before being presented for ordination to the priesthood in 2017.

Three of these new deacons have spoken ahead of the ordinations on their hopes and fears for the future.
Reid Humble is originally from Austin, Texas and will be serving in Rotherham Minster with the vicar there, David Bliss.  Reid said:

"I'm very much looking forward to beginning to understand and learn what it is people in the parish care about, and what their hopes and fears are so we might explore what it means to live faithful lives and serve this community in the town of Rotherham."

Beth Keith is settling back into life in Sheffield after time away, she will work with Canon Missioner Keith Farrow at Sheffield Cathedral.  Beth said:

"Faith has always been an important part of my life since I was a child so I always imagined I would end up in ministry in some form or another! I'm really excited about being part of the life of the Cathedral and supporting it's mission and ministry in Sheffield city."

Tom Carpenter is getting to know life in the parishes of Goldthorpe and Hickleton, he says that the path to ordination is something that he always thought he would do but he still needed a bit of help along the way.  Tom said:

"A very inspirational priest came to the parish church where I grew up, it was him that showed me that the christian faith made the world so much bigger, and so much more exciting than it had ever seemed before."

(The full interviews can be watched below.)

The full list of deacons is as follows:

  • Robert Anthony Heaton - to serve in the parish of St Mary the Virgin, Sprotbrough.
  • Reid Thomas Humble - to serve in the parish of All Saints, Rotherham Minster.
  • Elisabeth Grace Keith - to serve at the Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul, Sheffield.
  • Alistair Philip Stevenson - to serve in the parish of All Saints, Ecclesall.
  • Thomas David Leonard Carpenter - to serve in the parishes of St John the Evangelist and St Mary Magdalene, Goldthorpe and St Wilfrid, Hickleton.
  • David Paul D’Silva - to serve in the parishes of St John the Baptist, Edlington and St Jude, Hexthorpe.

The Bishop of Doncaster, Peter Burrows and the Bishop of Beverley, Glyn Webster will be conducting the ordinations at Sheffield Cathedral on Sunday 26 June.
Over the same weekend seven people who were made deacons in 2015 will be ordained as priests.  These have now served for one year in parishes throughout the diocese.  These services will be carried out by the Bishop of Sheffield, Steven Croft and the Bishop of Beverley, Glyn Webster.  (Link here for further details.)

All of the services will include readings, hymns and music to reflect the joy and solemnity of the occasion.  They will be joined by family, friends and representatives of the congregations in which they will serve.

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