Developing Discipleship paper released

13th January 2015

The Church of England has today published a paper on Developing Discipleship ahead of a discussion at the February meeting of the General Synod.

In a blog and video interview to accompany the publication of the paper, the Bishop of Sheffield, Steven Croft, explains that

“Discipleship is right at the centre of who we’re called to be as the people of God…. the aim of the paper is to start a new conversation about Christian discipleship right across the Church of England and to deepen that conversation.”

Reflecting on a vision for the Church in discipleship, Bishop Steven says: 

“The Church is called to be and to become a community of missionary disciples. Discipleship is not just about learning, it’s also about service and being equipped for God’s service in the world as Christ sends us out. And growing the Church is about making disciples in obedience to Jesus’s commission in Matthew 28. Serving the common good is about equipping every Christian disciple to make a difference, in the wider world, in their workplace, in their family, in their community, so that the Church as a whole is a blessing to God’s world and a channel of his grace and love.”

The paper proposes ten marks of developing disciples, described in the paper as “very much provisional and work in progress.”

These ten marks of a diocese committed to developing disciples have been drawn together by staff of the Education Division, MPA and the Ministry Division using research on current good practice from across the dioceses in 2013.

Dioceses will be invited to further develop and explore them as a contribution to good practice.

In addition individuals will have an opportunity to comment on the paper in a specially created online forum on the Church of England Website at:

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