Centenary Project engages with leading Doncaster figures to raise awareness

28th January 2016

Tim & Helen from the Centenary ProjectLeading figures in Doncaster this morning heard about a new initiative that aims to play an active and positive role in the lives of children and young people in our area.
The Centenary Project is an exciting, new initiative created by the Diocese of Sheffield to equip local churches to effectively engage, nurture and disciple a new generation of children, young people and families.  The work of local churches currently engages just over 2,000 young people each year.  By 2025 project anticipates it could reach an additional 4,000+.
It will do this by growing a network of Children’s and Families or Youth Workers in certain churches across the diocese.  Areas of higher deprivation will be prioritised and further locations will be identified strategically, where an employed Project Worker could make a real and sustainable impact.  There will be a strong focus on churches in Rotherham and Doncaster.
Representatives from the project were speaking at the Bishop of Doncaster’s quarterly business breakfast meeting.  The Project Leader, Helen Cockayne said:
“I believe that the church is perfectly placed to offer this type of project, the church already has a very active and engaging role in our region’s towns and cities; very often in the heart of communities. Through the lifetime of this project we really can make an impact and difference to the lives of children, young people and families.”
The business breakfast is an important date in the diary.  It brings together faith, community, business and public sector leaders across Doncaster, to share initiatives, thoughts and ideas that improve the town.  The Bishop of Doncaster, Peter Burrows, invites a guest to speak at each meeting.
Tim Elgar, Chief Executive of Emerge, a national youth charity, said:
“As someone who has been involved with this sector for a long time, I have seen so many resources pulled for children and young people.  I love the model of the Church of England, that it has churches in every community, it makes the coverage incredible. It means that any activities are based around the specific needs of children and young people in that community, increasing the chances of a positive impact being made.”

The Centenary Project
The Centenary Project is a significant development for the Church of England in our area.  The diocese has committed £1 million from its limited historical reserves over a period of 10 years to the project. The project will bring a step-change in youth and children’s ministry across the diocese by employing and supporting a network of workers and encouraging creative, outward-facing mission work managed in local communities.  Workers will be mentored and specifically trained for their new roles.  They will be based in parishes and will work to develop partnerships with other youth provision in the area.  Further information can be found on www.centenaryproject.org.uk
The project is led by Helen Cockayne who can be contacted on 01709 309145, helen.cockayne@sheffield.anglican.org

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