Bishop Pete’s Prayer Pilgrimage across the Diocese

5th September 2017

The Rt Revd Dr Pete Wilcox will be installed as the Eighth Bishop of Sheffield on 23 September 2017 at Sheffield Cathedral.  In the five days that run up to the installation service, Bishop Pete will be undertaking a walking prayer pilgrimage across the Diocese of Sheffield (18-22 September).  This will start out in the Snaith and Hatfield Deanery and finish at Sheffield Cathedral.  Bishop Pete would love for people to get involved in the pilgrimage.  The full itinerary is below, you can download the PDFs for each day which include timings and more detailed information on the routes.

Bishop Pete is hoping people get involved:

  • Walking with the bishop. People are encouraged to walk with Bishop Pete as he makes his journey across the diocese.  +Pete has a strict schedule to keep to so the walking pace will be quite brisk, if people feel unable to walk with him then you are encouraged to attend the prayer points. Part of the experience will be for him to find out about the diocese from those who live in its different areas but he commented that he’ll be as much interested in the people with him as in what building X might be or have been.
  • Praying along the way. Yes! He said he will stop every hour to pray for a few minutes for the place where he is and invite others with him to join in the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Inviting people to Morning Prayer. Absolutely! ‘The more the merrier’ said Bishop Pete.
  • Local press. The Diocese will be doing an overall press release but parishes are encouraged to engage with local media directly to talk about the specifics of the event.  It is hoped that some local press will attend the start and end of the pilgrimage.  Contact the Communications Manager for advice
  • Social media.  The diocesan Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels will also follow Bishop Pete through the week so if you are not able to join him, you can still follow his progress.  You can find links to the Diocesan social media accounts at the top of this page.

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