Bishop of Doncaster speaks about the need to help those less fortunate in our communities at Christmas

25th December 2016

From Sheffield Cathedral, Christmas Eve 2016

The Bishop of Doncaster, the Rt Revd Peter Burrows has spoken about the need to remember all those that are not surrounded by the love of family and friends this Christmas.

In his role acting as the Bishop of Sheffield, he gave the annual Christmas sermon, at Sheffield Cathedral on Christmas Eve.  He began by asking:

"As we enjoy our Christmas celebrations which I hope you are doing, this isn’t a bad question to ask.  What have you done for those for whom Christmas won’t be a happy or joyous occasion?"

The Bishop commented that 65 million people world-wide are fleeing conflict and crisis "They live lives of darkness and fear" while "an invisble city of vulnerable and excluded people exists in Britain every day".

He told the gathered congregation that as Christians "we're called to action to help and support the most vulnerable" continuing "we do so because God showed that he loved us so much that he sent his Son into the world".

He continued:

"We all matter to God and everyone, whatever their needs and circumstances should matter to us.  Christmas isn’t just a nice reminder of the nativity, it’s a threefold call - a call to deepen the sense of God in our lives, It’s a call to practical action in support of those who’ve fallen off the prominent and urgent list of needs and it’s a call to make Christ known to others".

The Bishop concluded:

"God’s agenda is people; it’s lifting up the fallen, binding the broken hearted, healing the wounded, forgiving the flawed.

The full Sermon is attached.

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