"Gospel in school" initiative launched

23rd June 2015

On Tuesday, 23 June at Sheffield Cathedral, the Diocese launched a new initiative for all its church schools. “Gospel in School” makes gospel stories available and relevant to all children, without preaching at them.

The Diocese of Sheffield is establishing a common commitment that sets out shared hopes for the children in our Church of England schools. This vision includes the broad vision of schools where children will enquire into belief, with the Christian faith offering a light to their path, but also with the understanding that their journey remains theirs. Contrary to the idea that Church schools impose thinking on children, we continue to shape church schools that ask questions and support enquiring minds. This will include the support offered by the resources of the Christian tradition.

In simple, basic goal is that children hear the Bible read and reflect on it.

As part of this, the Diocese has renewed its commitment to prayer and liturgy, and to links with parish churches and the Cathedral.  One vital strand in this work is the ‘Gospel in Schools’ initiative, in which teachers are resourced with gospel readings that are backed up by engaging discussion about subjects relevant to children such as friendship, challenges, parties and goodness. Another aim is to ensure every child visits Sheffield Cathedral at least once during their Diocesan school life.

Commenting on this initiative, the Diocesan Director of Education, Huw Thomas said:

“Christ went to people, and that’s what we’re doing, taking the inspiration of the gospel back to children”.

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