Mission Purpose and Leadership


It is he whom we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone in all wisdom, so that we may present everyone mature in Christ.  For this I toil and struggle with all the energy that he powerfully inspires within me.  (Col 1:28-29)

According to From Anecdote to Evidence churches that have a clear mission and purpose are far more likely to report growth. (p9)


This page offers you a range of resources to help you with questions covered in this section of the Mission Action Planning tool. Some are within our own diocesan website but we have also included links to good outside sources. As we become aware of other useful materials, we will update this page.

  • The Leading Your Church Into Growth (LYCIG) course which is run nationally every year provides an excellent opportunity to think about how your church is led with growth in mind.  It provides a great deal of thought provoking input andgives you tools to use in your own parish.
  • LYCIG also produce a resource called LYCIG local which helps you to get the basic ideas behind Leading Your Church Into Growth into the blood stream of the local church.
  • The Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS) produce a number of resources to help with church leadership including :
    • Growing Leaders is a course which helps identify and grow Lay leaders in a church.
    • Mentoring Matters is an easy-to-use pack with eveything you need to start a church-based mentoring network: indentifying, equpping and resourcing members.
    • Lead On is a monthly church leadership email that CPAS produce. 
  • ​SHAPE - Your Shape for God's Service.  A 6 session course from the Diocese of Carlisle for established Christians.  Focussed on building the Kingdom of God, not on self.  More information can be found about the course on the St Peter's College Website www.stpeterscollege.org.uk/your-shape


Lay Leaders and Volunteers

Growing Lay Leaders This page includes material from a "Growing Lay Leaders Taster" event organised by the Parish Support Team and includes a copy of the powerpoint and links to other websites including SHAPE and CPAS Growing Leaders

Growing Volunteers This page includes a range of suggestions and resources to help churches work well their volunteers


Stewardship and Christian Giving

Resources to help you implement a Stewardship programme or an annual review of Christian Giving can be found on the Stewardship & Giving pages of the Website.

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