Mission Partnership Development Tool Resources

Please note that all the Mission Partnership Development tools are regularly updated, so please download them afresh from the website when you need them. The newest versions are accessible via the links on this page. The Parish Support Team would also like to encourage churches thinking of developing a Mission Partnership agreement to be in touch with them (or, if they are looking to employ a Mission Partnership Development Worker) with Graham Millar. We would like to offer assistance in making a start to this process.

The key resources are:

  • Tools to Develop Mission Partnerships: document available to download. This is a detailed document with definition, criteria, developmental stages & guidance on the Mission Partnership Agreement. Whoever is leading the process will need this level of detail. PLEASE DOWNLOAD, READ & USE THIS TOOL TO WORK THROUGH THE PROCESS.
  • Summary document. This gives a good overview. It is more suitable for introducing the process & also to give to church members. Download.
  • Mission Partnership Agreement. A blank template document, which covers all the main criteria, is available to download and then edit to your needs. PLEASE USE THIS AS THE BASIS TO WRITE YOUR AGREEMENT.
  • Mission Partnership MAP. We have now added a simple description of how to create a joint MAP for a group of churches working in partnership: download.

In addition, there are some video & PowerPoint resources that you might find useful:

  • Bishop Steven (5m 45s) video clip relating Mission Partnerships and the diocesan mission strategy documents to their biblical foundation.
  • An amimated PowerPoint slide show to introduce Mission Partnerships. A second PowerPoint slide show gives useful links to further reading etc.
  • Brief video stories of a Mission Partnerships forming in Hackenthorpe, Gleadless, Basegreen & Waterthorpe (http://youtu.be/dG_60myzfPU) and also the NW Rotherham area (http://youtu.be/lXQ3DTwxRk4) may help you with insights from churches who have worked through issues in forming local mission partnerships.

Finally, there are 3 additional useful written resources:

  • FAQ document
  • Martyn Snow's reflection on the stages in the journey of forming a Mission Partnership
  • The outline programme from the 2013 Diocesan Development Day on Mission Partnerships