Lists A & B Minor Works

List A and B Works

A specific range of minor repair and QI works have been removed from the full faculty process and placed into a national Schedule of two distinct categories (A and B). With the exception of works in churchyards, Lists A & B replace the guidance previously given by Diocesan Chancellors. Before completing a faculty application please refer to the Schedule of A & B Works to see if your proposal can be carried out by one of these two routes. A faculty will be required if neither list contains your proposal. Please do not try and make works fit into List A or B when they are beyond their scope. Contact the DAC if you have any queries.

For works itemised in Lists A and B you will no longer need to:

  • Display and complete a Public Notice
  • Complete a Petition for Faculty Form 3A
  • Obtain a DAC Notification of Advice 
  • Wait for DAC monthly meetings to obtain advice
  • Obtain a Faculty

List A work - no further action is required and work may proceed.

List B work - permission can be granted by the Archdeacon on provision of details about the proposal supplied in an Archdeacon's Log, one copy is supplied to the DAC another kept for your own records.


  • Identify the work(s) you wish to carry out from the relevant A or B list and itemise them in an Archdeacon's Log
  • Note any conditions attached to the specified work such as informing your insurers of the use of scaffolding or demonstrating the use of qualified contractors.
  • Provide the same level of information regarding methods and materials that would accompany a faculty application.
  • Include relevant plans, drawings, photographs and specifications
  • Include acknowledgement from your insurance company if required
  • Provide a PCC resolution in favour of the works
  • Submit the application to the DAC Secretary with a completed Archdeacon's Log 
  • Most works allowed under List A & B will have been highlighted in your QI Report.

Supporting information:

  • Full details, particulars, specifications and costs ( with breakdown where relevant) of the items or works proposed and any and all reports from advisers, QI architect or other
  • Photographs or plans of the area or tree subject to the proposals
  • Details of the PCC Resolution in support of the works, together with voting numbers
  • Written assurance that there is no reason to suppose the proposals will be opposed by a significant body of opinion either with the parish or an amenity organisation.
  • Where required, confirmation of notification and acceptance of the proposals from your insurers
  • Qualifications of all contractors to comply with List A and B conditions and provided on headed paper
  • The application will be checked and if suitable the Archdeacon will send a letter of authorisation allowing the work to go ahead.
  • More information may be requested or you may be required to apply for a faculty (see below)
  • Any application made under List A or B must be made by an 'authorised person' acknowledged by the incumbent, wardens and PCC to be working on their behalf.

Guidance on a wide range of repair and maintenance matters can be found here.


Persons authorised to submit List B applications

  • A person(s) including and/or acting on behalf of the minister and churchwardens of the parish concerned (or, if there is no minister, on behalf of the churchwardens)
  • In relation to a building which is included in the list maintained by the Church Buildings Council under section 1(1) of the Care of Places of Worship Measure 1999, the relevant person or body or a person acting on their behalf
  • Or a person designated by the Chancellor in respect of a parish or other place for the purposes of this Part.


Works to bells, organs and trees

Lists A & B enable some proposals to be carried to bells, organs, and trees but please refer to the Church Buildings Council Statutory Guidance before making an application. NB: There is no longer a separate form for works to trees.

Matters excluded from the A & B Schedule

  • All major works and larger schemes will still require a faculty.
  • Multiple combinations of List A and/or B proposals may require a faculty.
  • Combinations that include A and/or B together with work that requires a faculty will need a faculty
  • Proposals that risk affecting the character of a listed building will require a faculty and consultation with other bodies such as amenity societies, Historic England, the CBC and your local planning authority
  • The Chancellor may also give directions for the publication of details relating to a petition in any newspaper or other publication (including a website).
  • An Archdeacon can require a parish to apply for a faculty for List A and B items.
  • The Chancellor has authority to exclude any parish from the simplified process and require a faculty for all and any works they wish to undertake

An Archdeacon may approve or decline an application under List B and require a full faculty application even if the proposed work is covered by List B. In the case of an application where one or more of the proposed works are not covered by list A or B, a full faculty application will be required for all of the proposed works.

Interim Orders

Although these should now be less frequent, it will still be possible to apply for an Interim Order if a parish is faced with an emergency or an unexpected situation that is dangerous or detrimental to the effective running of the church, such as the effects of storm damage. Please contact the DAC Secretary or your Archdeacon.

Temporary Re-Ordering Licence

These remain available for churches wishing to make experimental change to internal arrangements providing they are wholly and fully reversible. Licences last for a maximum of fifteen months whereupon the parish is informed that they need to restore the original scheme of apply for a faculty to make permanent the changes. An archdeacon may not issue a Temporary Re-Ordering Licence  where a parish does not have a minister and has to be assured that any item(s) removed will not be damaged or disposed of. Further information can be found here.


List A & B Forms and Guidance Notes

Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule of List A and B Works and conditions

Archdeacon's Log for A and B works

Excluded matters

Documents to submit to the DAC


NB LIsts A & B cannot deal with retrospective applications. These must be made under faculty even if the work is described in one of the lists.



On 1 January 2016 the new simplified Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015 come into force. The full Rules are published here:

There is a new national ‘A List’ of works which can be carried out on your church without a Faculty. This replaces all Diocesan De Minimus and Minor Works lists. The A List can be found in Schedule I, Table 1 of the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015

There is a new national ‘B List’ of works which can be carried out once the written permission of the Archdeacon has been obtained. Most of these will be repairs and routine maintenance or small works identified in the QI report. The Archdeacon must consult the DAC (usually via the Secretary) for informed informal advice, but this should be a speedy and simple process enabling parishes to get on with the work without delay. The Archdeacon may set conditions on the way the works are carried out. The B List can be found in Schedule I, Table 2 of the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015

The recommended form to be used by Archdeacon's when they give permission is here.

All other works will still require a Faculty, although the process has been simplified in a number of respects. Your DAC Secretary will be able to advise you about the best way forward. A list of DAC Secretaries can be found here.

If you are proposing work to trees or to bells you will find some items specified in the A and B lists, but in any event you will also need to refer to the Church Buildings Council Statutory Guidance. The links below will take you to this guidance:

Guidance on Bells

Guidance on Trees

Guidance on Organs

The new Rules include new forms to apply for a faculty (which are included in the online faculty system). These are avaiallbe online, follow the link for a copy of the complete set of forms in Word format.

To help you work with the new Lists A and B we have produced a list of Frequently Asked Questions

Further background on the new Rules is availalbe from the links below.

(1) a note from the Dean of Arches and Auditor which summarises the changes made by the Rules;

(2) an explanatory memorandum that sets out the aspects of the 2013 Rules to be replaced by the 2015 Rules.


- See more at: