Health Care Chaplaincy


Health care, social care and hospice chaplains provide spiritual care for patients, carers, and staff. Chaplains are employed by individual organisations and abide by a professional code requiring respect of the individual’s feelings, beliefs, and values. Chaplains have time to sit, listen, and simply be, with people at a time of need, providing support for people without a formal faith, as well as for members of faith groups.


Chaplains offer accepting, non‑judgmental care and do not push a particular agenda but seek to meet people where they are. Chaplains do not offer formal counselling, but are experienced listeners, especially in times of crisis. Chaplains are available to talk through the core concerns which affect us all as human beings and concerns connected specifically with someone’s faith


Chaplains support people in exploring the personal issues that hospital and hospice admission often raises; such as feelings of vulnerability, the sense of loss of control, issues around life and death, important relationships, meaning and hope. Chaplains also help mark significant moments through words and actions.

Supporting Religious Practice

Chaplains also provide religious support for those who have a specific faith either directly or through a range of trained volunteers, including representatives of a wide range of faith and belief groups. The facilities available in each hospital or hospice vary; there are often specific details on each organisation’s website and the contact details for hospitals and hospices are given below. Chaplains can also help put patients, carers, and staff in contact with local faith groups.

Contact Details

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

(01226) 432725 (direct)

Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice

(01909)  517288 or mobile )07834 737 468

Bluebell Wood, near Sheffield, supports children and young adults with life-shortening and life-threatening conditions through short breaks and home visits as well as end of life care.

If you need to talk to the chaplain urgently and have been unable to contact them on the numbers above, please contact reception on (01909) 517360 or the care team on (01909) 517369.
For non-urgent chaplaincy referrals, advice or enquiries a message can be left on the mobile )  07834 737 468 or via e-mail *

Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Doncaster Royal Infirmary (01302) 642237 (direct)

Bassetlaw Hospital (01909) 502846

North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust

(01724) 203474

This included chaplaincy for Goole District Hospital

Rotherham, Doncaster & South Humber NHS Foundation Trust

(01302) 796165

The chaplaincy department covers all units at RDaSH, including St. John’s Hospice, Doncaster.

Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

(01709) 424098 or (01709) 820000

The chaplaincy department covers Rotherham General Hospital and Rotherham Hospice

Sheffield Children’s Hospital

(0114) 2717000

Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust

(0114) 2261675 or (0114) 2718022

The chaplaincy department covers the Longley Centre and the Michael Carlisle Centre as well as other smaller in-patient units.

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

(0114) 243 4343 or (0114) 271 1900

The chaplaincy department covers the whole trust including Northern General Hospital, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Jessop Wing and Weston Park Hospital.

For non-urgent referrals a message can be left on Tel (0114) 271 4999
If a chaplain is needed urgently telephone the switchboard on either (0114) 243 4343 or (0114) 271 1900 and ask them to contact the on-call chaplain.

Sheffield – St Luke’s Hospice

(0114) 2369911

South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Kendray Hospital 01226-644022 - Ask for Chaplain on duty

Mount Vernon Hospital 01226-644525 - Ask for Chaplain on duty