Giving in Grace Overview

Giving in Grace ( is an internet based Stewardship Programme that helps churches build a culture of generous discipleship. The information available includes:

  • Resources to help carry out a Stewardship Programme
  • Information to help with stewardship tasks (still being developed)
  • Ideas to help to carry out an Annual Stewardship Review

The main “Giving in Grace” Stewardship Programme is divided into sections. Each section includes a series of tabs, which reveal further resources and ideas. By working through the information in a systematic fashion, you will be able to tailor the available resources to meet the needs of your parish. 

The Giving In Grace Website was originally created to help churches organise and run a full Stewardship campaign.  These campaigns can be very effective – research in Liverpool Diocese (the home of Giving in Grace) suggests that over two years total direct giving grew by 15.5% in parishes that ran Giving in Grace compared to 6.4% in parishes that did not.  They do, however, require a lot of organising and they need to be backed up by a regular programme.  The Website also includes resources to support an Annual Review of Giving.

Both Sections in the website are really toolboxes of resources along with guides to help you navigate through both the resources themselves and also the steps needed for an effective programme.  Some of the resources are common to both sections and can be accessed from either part.

The Giving in Grace Stewardship Programme is the main and most substantial part of the website and is described in more detail later in this document.  To be effective a full Stewardship campaign requires a team of people to lead it and involves careful planning over several months.  Full Stewardship campaigns should not be held too often, perhaps every three to five years.  However even if you are not planning a full campaign it is well worth looking through the key Stewardship resources as you consider your parish’s stewardship and giving.

The main information to help you with your campaign is given below, a PDF version can be downloaded by clicking here :

1.     About Giving in Grace       
This section acts as an introduction to the stewardship programme and includes a PowerPoint Presentation and a guide to the website.

2.     Key Principles       
Includes information about the theology of giving, the importance of leadership and the elements needed if you plan to make a “Building the Case” section 3). Also includes a section about “Differentiation” to help you think about your potential givers and the best way to approach each group.

3.     Building The Case.          
A section to help you think about the ministry plans you have and consider how these can be resourced. A financial analysis and budget and Gift Array are then prepared. The website includes an example “Case Statement” which summarises the strengths, weaknesses, finances and giving.  Collating the data included in this example “Case Statement” will help you to think through the relevant issues for your own parish situation.

4.     Designing the Programme 
Your programme should include preaching and prayer and may include small group studies, children, and social events. There are resources here for liturgy and sermons, and some small group materials that you can use alongside the sermons.  There are also resources suitable for Children and Young People and some ideas for social events and home visits.

5.     Preparing the Literature
Appropriate literature is crucial for your programme.  You will need a “Brochure” (two sides of A4 paper folded) that goes to everyone, and letters and response forms. This section includes examples of the literature you might need together with a useful checklist to help you with its preparation.

6.     Preparing to Follow Up        
Follow up with thank you letters or reminders, so people know their response is valued and those who forget to reply have another opportunity. Example letters are included in this section and the “Responding to Requests” section has leaflets about Gift Aid, Giving Envelopes, Giving by Standing Order (referred to as electronic giving), and Standing Order forms.

7.     Delivery and evaluation

This section includes a checklist to help you during your planning and tools to help evaluate the programme.


Here is a table overview of the content of the website:  Each bullet point is a separate subsection.  Clicking on the section headings will take you to that part of the Giving in Grace website

1 - About Giving in Grace
  • Introduction 
  • Making a Decision
  • Forming a planning group
  • Case Studies
2 - Key Principles
  • Theology
  • Leadership
  • Case Statement
  • Differentiating
  • Planned Giving
3 - Building the Case
  • Reflecting on our ministry
  • Reflecting on our Stewardship
  • Financial Analysis
  • Church Budget
  • Gift Array
  • Consultation
4 - Designing the Programme
  • Preaching
  • Prayer and Liturgy
  • Small Groups
  • Young People
  • Home Visiting
  • Social Events
5 - Preparing the Literature
  • Building the Database
  • The Brochure
  • Ask Letter
  • Response Forms
  • Literature Checklist
6 - Preparing to Follow Up
  • Why Follow up?
  • Thank you and Reminder Letters
  • Information about weekly envelopes
  • Gift Aid
  • Standing Order Forms
7 - Delivery and Evaluation
  • Programme Checklist
  • Evaluation