Faith and strength to live not die

One Sunday morning, I awoke after another awful day of drinking. Suffering from alcoholism which had crept up on me over a few years, God was calling me. I didn’t know it at the time and wondered what was happening. It was a bit unsettling but felt safe, safer than dangling off a precipice ready to fall at any second. I prayed please God help me.

I was dying from my very soul. Filled with the wrong kind of spirit everyday, my vodka friend became my enemy. I stole to feed my addiction; I was arrested for shop lifting, was abusive to police officers and locked in a cell overnight. That was when all my lifelines had run out, and God stepped in.

God’s amazing grace gave me faith and strength to live and not die. I have a lovely family, four children and a loyal partner but didn’t feel wanted, worthy, loved or cared for. I had no direction or self respect, I was reckless. Now, having come to know Jesus Christ for myself, I am so humbled before Him, who died to take my sin away. I now feel reborn in the most amazing way.

I realise now how much I have been blessed and don’t take anything or anyone for granted.

God has always been with me but I was blind I was lost. I had forgotten about myself but then found myself. You can too. Pray and God will hear you; this is the truth.

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