Evangelism, Outreach and Growth

…praising God and having the good will of all the people.  And day to day the Lord added to their number those who were being saved (Acts 2:47)

Being intentional in prioritising growth is a common feature identified amongst churches that are growing numerically and in spiritual depth. From Anecdote to Evidence. (p9)


This page offers you a range of resources to help you with questions covered in this section of the Mission Action Planning tool. Some are within our own diocesan website but we have also included links to good outside sources. If and when we become aware of other useful materials, we will update this page

The Church Army are a wonderful resource to the national church and we have the privilege of having their base in our Diocese.  Their website is a great source of resources for mission: www.churcharmy.org  The Church Army have recently produce a new 64 page resource called Stepping into Evangelism which contains practical advice, tips and workbook exercises to inspire you in sharing the gospel with others.

They also have something called 'Faith Pictures' that enables you to share your faith in a more visual way (look in the resources section of their website).

Sharing your faith

Quite a number of church goers say they don't know how to share their faith or talk to people about Jesus. The Archbishop of Canterbury has set out a vision for the church where 'it is the role of every member of the church of Jesus Christ to bear witness to their faith; to say "I know Jesus Christ and I want to introduce you to him." Hope 2014 in partnership with Share Jesus International have produced a booklet called Sharing Jesus : How to put faith into words. Books together with supporting materials for a four week course are available from the Hope Together website. The books cost £3 each or £1.50 if you but a pack of 20 - though with Postage it works out at about £2 each if you only order 20.

Other resources to help with sharing your faith personally:

Fresh Expressions

For all sorts of resources related to Fresh Expressions of Church go to the National Fresh Expressions website.

For information about local courses including mission shaped intro (msi) and mission shaped ministry (msm) and fresh expressions in the Diocese go to the Fresh Expressions and Pioneering page of the website.



  We have found a helpful new website full of practical ideas for evangelistic events. You can search this using different filters such as age group, activity or season / festival. Click on the highlighted link or visit: www.evangelismideas.org


The 'Great Commission website from Evangelical Alliance and the Season of Invitation page of the diocese website also offer more resources. 

See the 'Further Resources' www.sheffield.anglican.org/further-external-resources-for-map page in this section of the website for 'Evidence to Action', Grove Books, and other material applicable to all sections of the MAP tool.


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