Church Urban Fund

The Church Urban Fund exists to fund urban community projects that support people on the margins of society. Through its work it enables local workers to tackle the effects of poverty and transform their neighbourhoods.

The Diocese of Sheffield, on behalf of Christian churches of all denominations in South Yorkshire, has a long and successful relationship with the Church Urban Fund.  Since its inception in 1988 the Fund has awarded almost £3,000,000 to projects operating within the geographical area covered by Sheffield Diocese.

The Church Urban Fund asks that applicants work within the urban strategy of the Diocese. This can be summed up as:

  • priority to the poorest
  • honest analysis and assessment of local social realities
  • commitment to engagement and participation in local communities
  • an outward-looking approach by churches and organizations that takes ecumenical working seriously
  • a willingness to embrace creative partnerships, new initiatives and bold strategies, even if at times they may seem 'risky'.

Contact the parish Support Team 01709 309100 for application details.  To learn more about the Church Urban Fund nationally visit the CUF website.