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Main Contact:   Regional Fundraising Manager, Helen Whiteley

Telephone:        (0113) 2509007

Mobile:              07539214403  



About the Society

The Church of England Children’s Society is a leading national charity which is working to making this a country where children are free from disadvantage.

Every year the Society works directly with more and more of the most disadvantaged children. It does this through an extensive network of frontline services, supported by its volunteers. Together they tackle child poverty and neglect head on, from helping families trapped in debt, child runaways and young carers, to stopping child sexual exploitation.

It also campaigns to champion change at a national and local level by challenging misconceptions, changing attitudes and transforming government policy and practice.

To find out more visit the Society’s website

A speaker can be arranged to visit any deanery or church to give more details about the work of the Society, and to help raise funds for its work. A speaker can take part in services or talk to any group (PCC, Mission Action Plan group, Mothers’ Union etc) and addresses can be tailored to suit the occasion – from a 10 minute presentation in a service to a full evening, with a talk, questions and discussion.

Fundraising for the Society

Volunteers are the cornerstone of the Society’s work. Without your generous support, we could only reach a fraction of the children we currently help each year. Your hard work and dedication gives us the freedom to concentrate our work where the need is greatest. Together we can give disadvantaged children the vital help and support they cannot find anywhere else. Together we can give them back their childhood.

Three of the most popular ways of raising money is by Christingle activities; by House Collecting Boxes and by arranging a Do. You can find out other ways by downloading Fundraising.

Coming Events

You can advertise your coming Children’s Society events here. This page will be updated at the beginning of each month.