Chaplains lend a caring hand and a listening ear to people in a variety of places - at work, in a hospital or hospice, at study or in prison. They show that the Church cares and is there when people need it.

Chaplains offer opportunities for quiet and reflection, for sharing concerns, visions and hopes, and for prayer and spiritual nourishment. They are often called upon in a crisis situation but they also help to form a sense of community and act as signposts to further services.

Chaplains can be ordained or lay ministers.  Anglican Chaplains often work closely with chaplains from other Christian denominations and other religions. They also follow the historical Anglican ideal of caring for all regardless of their religious belief.

Chaplains usually work within a secular institution such as a hospital, university or shopping centre. They may have a dedicated space, such as a prayer room or chaplaincy centre.

The Diocese of Sheffield has over 30 designated Chaplains working in our region's hospitals, hospices, prisons, workplaces and even Doncaster Airport.