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Centenary Project Wild Away Day

Dearne Valley -Kingswood

The day was held at the Kingswood Centre in the Dearne Valley and the sun shone all day. In the morning everyone (children and adults!) bravely sailed down the zip line and climbed up the Jacob’s Ladder in some outdoor activities. The afternoon was jam packed with sports, games, craft and nerf battles before parents and carers came for a final celebration and family worship. Our final celebration saw one of our CP Workers, Rachel, get gunged, we went wild for God with some sung worship through lively action songs as well as hearing of God’s love for us through a fantastic tea-bag illustration by CP Pastoral Manager Dave Ludbrook.

Our Hubs Oversight, Hannah Robinson, who co-ordinated the day said “Our Wild Away Day is a chance for children from churches across the Centenary Project to see that we are a much bigger church family. It creates a space for friendships to strengthen and new friendships to form as we hear about God’s love for us all, together. It’s also a really great to see the skills and gifts of CP Workers as we work together as one team to put on a fantastic day”.

One of our parents shared “My daughter had a fantastic day today, thank you all so much for your hard work in organising it. It was lovely to be able to come and join with you for worship at the end of the day too”.

A great big thankyou to all of our Centenary Project Worker and volunteers who made the day so successful.

Here’s to Wild Away Day 2023!