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Kingswood, 2018

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On 13th October 2018 the Centenary project took 85 young people and 30 youth leaders, children and families’ workers and volunteers from across the Diocese of Sheffield to Kingswood, Dearne Valley, for a day of adventures.

It was an early start with the team arriving at 8AM to get set up, and activities starting at 9AM! Upon arrival at Kingswood the young people were greeted by the project team, ‘checked in’ and assigned to their groups with a Centenary Project worker or Intern leading and at least one other volunteer in support. Each group had been pre-planned with a view to retaining friendship groups but also encouraging the young people to mix and mingle with other young people from within the Diocese.

Each group was given a plan for the day that included four activities, two in the morning and two in the afternoon, with a hot lunch in between.

Our activities for the day were zip-wire, archery, buggy build and crate stack and, thanks to some rather inclement weather, these activities were set top really challenge our young people, and leaders alike! Of course, this didn’t stop anyone getting really stuck in on the day, with the zip-wire providing some excellent photo op’s and really pushing some out of their comfort zones.

The crate stack challenged our young people to build a stack of crates as high as they could without it toppling over, this took team work and courage as many of them were suspended in the air on harnesses, building some very impressive towers.

Archery proved to be increasingly difficult as the day went on and the weather worsened, we have certainly learnt how difficult it is fire arrows at a target when the wind is constantly trying to blow it over! However, our groups persevered and we everyone was able to embrace their inner Robin Hood. We also discovered some considerable archery knowledge amongst our intern team and are wondering how to put that to good use in the future!

The buggy build challenge required our young people to work in teams to build a ‘Flintstones’ style buggy out of empty oil drums, logs and rope that could transport members of their team across a course. 

While not always successful, our teams had a great time working out the best methods, knots and styles of buggy to use and then had just as much fun riding them once they were completed.

Once the Kingswood activities were at an end our group moved into the conference area for some more traditional team building activities provided by the Centenary Project Team. These activities included building the highest possible structure out of cups and a race to move Maltesers using just a straw and some puff!

After a delicious fish and chip supper we moved onto the testimonials and worship part of the day, hearing from some of our workers who shared their very personal stories of growing in faith and finding love and acceptance with God.

The young people were given the opportunity to respond to these testimonials and share with our workers on a personal, one to one level and spend some time exploring their own faith journeys. We were blessed that a number of the young people took this opportunity and our workers spent as much time as was needed with each of them.

To add some ridiculous-ness to proceedings our team entertainer (aka Sean) surprised us with a game involving shaving foam and cheesy crisps….looks like it was fun!

We finished off the day with glorious worship music from our own Centenary Project band! Made up entirely of project workers and volunteers the band led the group in a selection of modern worship songs that filled the place with song!

After a full day of team work, adventure, new experiences, new friends and rejoicing, our young people were collected by friends and family and hopefully got a decent night’s sleep!

The Wild Away Day was a great success and it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our excellent project team, and volunteers, but also the willingness of our young people to embrace the day! We are so blessed.

Let’s wait and see what we have planned for 2019…..

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