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Centenary Project Doncaster Youth Hub UV Party!

[by Hannah Redeyoff Doncaster Hub Coordinator, November 2018]

On Friday the 26th of October our second Doncaster Youth Hub event took place, with it being so close to Halloween we decided on a UV Party.

62 young people from 8 different churches/youth groups/mission partnerships/a secondary school Christian Union joined together at St Paul’s Church in Wheatley Park, covered in glow sticks and with UV paint designs on their face.

As well as the UV lights, music, and UV paint there was the opportunity to carve a pumpkin using the pumpkin prayer or create a light themed design of their own, there were crafts on offer such as a gratitude pumpkin, a light canvas and a clay tea light holder, as well as space to chill out and play games. 

Rev Adam Priestly was ‘interviewed’ and, as well as sharing his favourite joke (which got a laugh in sympathy!), he shared some of his story, about how Jesus was able to be light during a time of darkness in his life, and how he now shares Jesus’ light and how the young people can have the light of Jesus in their lives whilst also being the light themselves in their friendship groups and school.

It was a great evening of fun, unity, new friendships and light. The next hub event is a Christmas Social on Friday the 14th of December.

When asked what part of the UV party they enjoyed most, an attending youth worker said; “Seeing different youth groups mixing with each other and Adam's testimony.”




"I enjoyed all of it I can’t state one thing it was amazing." - Happy party attendee!