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  • Easter address from Bishop Peter

    Preached at Easter Confirmations and Easter Day 2016 John 20:1-18 “Europe is approaching the point where the only way to control desperate migrants could soon be the regular use of...

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  • The Environment

    Last weekend I was doing battle with myself as I enjoyed the pleasures of the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone.  Most of my family and many friends do not share my love of Formula 1. ...

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  • A Multi-Ethnic World

    Once again America debates the right to own guns in light of the shocking case of nine people being shot at a historic black church in Charlestown, South Carolina.  It has, we are told, sent...

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  • The Eurovision Song Contest

    Once again the United Kingdom failed to bathe itself in glory at the Eurovision Song Contest last weekend, coming 24th out 27 contestants with a grand score of just 5 points.  However, other...

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  • Now is the time for Action

    I was absolutely appalled and shocked to read comments by the outspoken columnist Katie Hopkins writing in the Sun Newspaper describing migrants as cockroaches.  The language is both...

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  • Respecting One Another

    As child I was told that I must respect my elders.  I can’t imagine that I always got it right but with encouragement I did as well as I was able for my age.  It’s unlikely...

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  • Human Trafficking

    Human trafficking, or what’s also known as modern day slavery, is a global issue which should concern us at the local level as it’s inevitably taking place in most major towns and...

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