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  • Our Democratic Right

    I have written on a couple of occasions encouraging people to exercise their democratic right to vote in the up-coming general election.  I have also been clear that it would be wrong for me...

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  • Who is my Neighbour?

    During the past two weeks you may have noticed that there’s been controversy over the House of Bishops Pastoral letter to Church of England Congregations “Who is my...

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  • Paying our Taxes

    In the bible we’re introduced to Matthew as a dishonest tax collector until Jesus Christ chose him as a disciple.  Under the Roman Empire's system, Matthew would have paid all the...

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  • The General Election

    If you haven’t already noticed, the General Election is on its way.  By the time you read this article it will be about 82 days to Election Day and counting.  I’ve written...

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  • On Rock or Sand

    “On Rock or Sand” is the title of a collection of essays edited by the Archbishop of York and launched last week.  The essays, by eminent experts including both Archbishops, warns...

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