Annual Review of Giving

"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor 8:7)

An Annual Review of Giving is much more than an annual giving sermon.  It is a critical element in supporting the life of a parish and developing a robust stewardship culture in a church where the discipleship practice of giving is practiced and celebrated.  In Sheffield Diocese’s strategy booklet ‘A Little Letter on Giving’ Bishop Steven Croft asks all Christians in the Diocese to review their giving each year. 

An annual review should not be a mini stewardship programme but rather it should be characterised by its simplicity and clear purpose and should be responsive to the immediate needs of the church.  The Giving in Grace Annual Review web resources provide materials and guidance to facilitate the running of an annual review of giving.

Here is an overview of the content of the Annual Review pages of the Giving in Grace website:-


1 - Why an Annual Review?

•Introduction to the idea of an Annual Review. 
Includes "Staying Healthy: the value of an annual review" PDF
2 - Preaching Matters
•Hints to guide preaching in a Review. 
Includes "Why Preaching Matters" PDF
3 - Review Leaflet and Letter
•Template for a Review leaflet and letter. 
Also "No need to write: the review leaflet and letter" PDF
4 - Review Responses
•Editable response forms and pledge cards. 
Also "The proof of our love: using response forms" PDF
5 - Socials and Sketched
•Scripts for sketches to presnet finanical information.
Also "Eat and Rejoice: the value of social events" PDF
6 - Seasons of Giving
•Ideas for Annual review linked to Season of the year.
 Based on Oscar Wilde's "The Selfish Giant"


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"excel in this grace of giving" (2 Cor 8:7)