Will Gowers - Centenary Project Worker

Thornbridge Weekend - "You Only Live Once"

[by Will Gowers, April 2018]

In April we took a group of 30 young people to Thornbridge outdoors for our first weekend away since launching Illuminate Youth; the youth ministry based at St Johns Owlerton in Sheffield.

The theme for the weekend was 'You Only Live Once', looking at what it means to live day to day lives as followers of Jesus, and drew people from St Johns, Winn Gardens and also High Green. As well as exploring faith together, we also wanted to spend time having fun and building a sense of community in the ministry, so we spent our time playing games, sharing in competitions and coming together for meetings.

We shared in loads of activities such as high ropes, low ropes and a bonfire as well as wide games, messy games and a gaming lounge. All of these activities helped form new friendships across the different places the youth came from as well as growing community for the ministry.

During the course of the weekend we had several young people make commitments as well as others saying they are starting to understand there may be a God. One child said; 

“Before the weekend I wasn't sure I believed in God, however now I am closer to believing.”

The weekend was a great success. We can't wait to see what God does at the weekend next year! 


Football Outreach

Will also runs a weekly football outreach project which takes young people from St John’s Owlerton and Winn Gardens to the Sheffield Christian Youth League run by Forge youth.

Feedback from one player; 

“The football on Friday is one of the best things that has happened in my life. Going to play football and make new friends.”  

Will Gowers

Will is part of the Centenary Project and works 35 hours / week at St John's Owlerton, as their Youth Worker.

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