TKC Prayer Pilgrimage routes

Deanery Prayer Pilgrimages for Thy Kingdom Come

During the ten days of prayer from Ascension Day to Pentecost John Hibberd, Mission Development Advisor for Sheffield & Rotherham, is going to walk or cycle to every parish in the S&R Archdeaconry. This won't quite mean visiting every church building for logistical reasons but at least one church in every parish will be covered. John writes, 'Apologies to those in Doncaster Archdeaconry - I can only cover this amount of ground this year! Maybe next year for you? There is, of course, nothing to stop you organising your own routes ...'

This will take the form of 5 routes on foot & 3 by bike, simply because some areas are so large that only a cycling route makes it possible to cover them in a day. The table below outlines which routes will take place on which day & you can download the maps / itinerary for your area from the final column. John will circulate the information about each route directly to the relevant churches & he is keen to encourage people to join in; some churches have already planned specific ways to do so. Here are some ideas on how you could take part in Thy Kingdom Come through this prayer pilgrimage:

  • Host church. Plan a prayer event to coincide with John's arrival at your church. NB. John is only stopping 10-15 min in most places, simply becuase it's not possible to get round every church otherwise but there is no reason why your event should not be longer than that.
  • Walk or cycle. Three options here:
    • Whole route. John has made many solo pilgrimages & is happy to walk or cycle on his own. But he would also welcome others if they want to join in. There are 2 things to bear in mind. On the walks, John would like to include some periods of silence to pray between churches. Anyone who does join in needs to be able to stick to the itinerary; since John has told churches when he will arrive, he needs to honour the schedule. In walking terms, this means doing about 3 miles an hour (cycling about 11-12 miles an hour).
    • Part of the route. it would be great to see people willing not just to pray in their own church but to walk or cycle to at least one other. If you cannot manage the whole circuit, could you tour your Mission Partnership?
    • Your own route. The day or time that John is coming to your church might not suit you. No problem! Download the route and plan your own pilgrimage at some point during this period. You won't even need to walk at 3 miles an hour if you do that! Please note: the table below does not display well on mobiles becuase it will not re-size.

A description of each day's routes

  1. Fri 26 May. The first day will begin in the 24/7 prayer room at the Printhouse & be sent out from Morning Prayer at the Cathedral. This walking route takes in about half of Attercliffe Deanery along with the more central parishes in Ecclesall Deanery.
  2. Sat 27 May. The longest & hilliest walking route covers all the parishes in Hallam Deanery
  3. Sun 28 May. The first cycling route begins in the western side of Laughton Deanery, visits many churches in Attercliffe Deanery & finishes in the Rivers Team in Rotherham Deanery.  ​One update (8 May): if the weather is fine, we will gather on Waverley by the Miners' Memorial rather than at Phil Barringer's home.
  4. Mon 29 Maya day without a pilgrimage route (Bank Holiday)
  5. Tue 30 May. This is the one linear walking route, all within Rotherham Deanery, starting in Whiston, ending in Ryecroft, and participating in the 20@12 prayer time at Church House on the way.
  6. Wed 31 May. Featuring some Tour de France climbs, this hilly route covers the more rural part of Ecclesfield Deanery, as well as Thorpe Hesley. The start & end points are the parish centre in Chapeltown. Not for the faint-hearted! ​Revised timings sent to ministers 29 May (I need a bit more time for the big hills!)
  7. Thu 1 Jun. Today has the longest cycle route, covering the Silverwood Mission Partnership in Rotherham Deanery as well as the major part of Laughton Deanery. It includes events in Bramley & Firbeck.
  8. Fri 2 Jun. The walking route round the Ecclesfield Urban Estates is the shortest route. It includes some good woodland & green spaces as well as the housing estates.
  9. Sat 3 Jun. The major part of Ecclesall Deanery forms the itinerary of the final walking route. It starts at St Chad's, where the church will be hosting a 24-hour prayer event from Friday into Saturday.

The timetable and resources

Day / date Start Finish Miles

Bike or



Fri 26 May

Cathedral / the Printhouse

Carver Street 14.3 Walk Route 1
Sat 27 May Fulwood Fulwood 16.1 Walk Route 2
Sun 28 May Ulley Ulley 33.9 Bike Route ​3
Tue 30 May Whiston Ryecroft 13.1 Walk Route 4
Wed 31 May Chapeltown Chapeltown 24.8 Bike Route 5
Thu 1 Jun Thrybergh Wickersley 37.4 Bike Route 6
Fri 2 Jun Wincobank Wincobank 12.4 Walk Route 7
Sat 3 Jun Woodseats Woodseats 14.7 Walk Route 8