Stewardship & Giving

Parish Buying

Parish Buying ( is a brilliant resource that allows Church of England churches to potentially save thousands of pounds in everyday purchases. By utilising the bulk buying power of the Church, Parish Buying is able to negotiate competitive prices with suppliers on a range of different contracts.

From boilers to broadband deals, and candles to card readers, Parish Buying offers fantastic deals that can save your church money. It's simple to sign-up and is a great resource to help your church make the most of the resources it has.

Has your church signed-up for the Parish Buying service? 


What is Parish Buying? from The National Stewardship Team on Vimeo.

Card Payments in Church

Did you know that you can now get some fantastic deals on card readers that allow you to take card payments for you Church, including contactless payments?

Many people no longer carry cash and often pay for items via a card through Chip and PIN, contactless, and increasingly through mobile-based payments such as Android or Apple Pay. You can now offer your community the opportunity to pay or donate to your church through such means with a card reader available from the Parish Buying website. It's a fantastic way of offering a flexible way to donate to your church and can also be used when taking payments for other services, for example:

  • Tickets for an event or concert
  • Wedding fees
  • Hall Hire
  • Bookstall sales
  • Church weekend away

Sign-up now to receive 0% fees for 90 days!

If you sign-up to the SumUp card reader between 1st May and 30th June you can receive free transactions for 3 months for up to £250 worth of transactions.

To sign-up register with the Parish Buying service, and purchase the SumUp 'Air' card reader - more information can be found here.

How can my church start taking card payments? from The National Stewardship Team on Vimeo.


Giving in Grace

Giving in Grace logo

If you would like to run a stewardship campaign in your church then you should have a look at Giving in Grace. It is one of the best resources available to support parishes that want materials to help them promote good Christian Stewardship and grow their finances.  Giving for life - described below - which is referenced from Giving in Grace is also a very useful tool.

The Giving in Grace website includes a comprehensive set to resources for a full Stewarship campaign as well as resources specifically focussed for an annual review of giving.

The resources include:

  • information sheets that present various principles
  • outline sermons and liturgies
  • tools to produce a simple financial review and budget
  • templates for various pieces of literature
  • a guided process for producing and running a full Stewardship Campaign.

We strongly recommend that you visit the Giving in Grace website and consider making use of the resources that are freely available to you.

To help you find your way around the website we are adding resources to the Diocesan website  click the links to go to the guides: -

Many people think that giving is to be encouraged just to pay our bills, including Common Fund.

Although it has a practical value, Giving is also a very spiritual matter as we give to thank God for all that he has given us. Our giving shows what we think of God.


Ethical Purchasing

Financial Stewardship is much more than just how we give to our local parish church, it's also how we use our finances in all of our lives. Sometimes it can be easy to forget that the way we spend our money can have a big affect on how others experience the world, and as Christians we should be looking for ways that we can honour and worship God in every purchase we make.

  • Which companies do you buy products from?
  • Do they pay the Living Wage?
  • Do they uphold labour rights?
  • Do they create sustainable supply chains?
  • Do they manipulate global capitalist markets to avoid paying tax?
In the globalised world we now live in, the product delivered to us 'next day' will often have parts designed and produced from the other side of the world.
  • Do we know if the people making our goods have been treated fairly and paid an appropriate amount?
  • Do we know what age those people are?

Slavery is a big problem in the world today with over 45 million people trapped in some form of slavery worldwide. In the UK alone there are likely to be tens of thousands of people caught in slavery and these are people that we will come in to contact with in our daily lives. The Clewer Initiative enables dioceses and other church networks to create strategies for detecting and highlighting modern day slavery, helping with victim support and care.

Could your church take a lead in standing up for people in your parish and around the world who are underpaid or exploited by their employer?

If you want to know more about the The Clewer Intiative click on the image to visit their website.


Parish Resources

The national Parish Resources website produced by the Church of England's National Stewardship & Resources tem includes resources to help parishes with all aspects of their finances.  It includes a page with links to many other resources that can help to encourage giving and generosity in parishes.

Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers (ACAT)

The national ACAT website ( support church treasurers of all denominations.  It includes a members area which the Dioces of Sheffield subscribes to on behalf of all of our parishes.  There is one group login and the details can be provided by the Diocese's finance team 01709 309142. 

Other Support for Parish Finance

You can access the Finance and Statistics pages of the Diocesan Website by clicking here where you will also find links to the Diocesan Finance Network