Stewardship & Giving


The giving message

All churches need sustainable financial resources in order to fulfil their particular ca

llings and join with God in mission in their parishes.

In the strategy booklet A Little Letter on Giving Bishop Steven asks all Christians in the Diocese to review their giving each year.  He says 'Every parish church needs a moment in the year when we challenge one another to review our giving to and through the church.' (p14)


Giving in Grace

Giving in Grace logo

The Parish Support team have identified Giving in Grace as

 the best resource available to support parishes that want materials to help them promote good Christian Stewardship and grow their finances.  Giving for life - described below - which is referenced from Giving in Grace is also a very useful tool.

The Giving in Grace website includes a comprehensive set to resources for a full Stewarship campaign as well as resources specifically focussed for an annual review of giving.

The resources include:

  • information sheets that present various principles
  • outline sermons and liturgies
  • tools to produce a simple financial review and budget
  • templates for various pieces of literature
  • a guided process for producing and running a full Stewardship Campaign.

We strongly recommend that you visit the Giving in Grace website and consider making use of the resources that are freely available to you.

To help you find your way around the website we are adding resources to the Diocesan website  click the links to go to the guides: -

Many people think that giving is to be encouraged just to pay our bills, including Common Fund.

Although it has a practical value, Giving is also a very spiritual matter as we give to thank God for all that he has given us. Our giving shows what we think of God.

Giving for Life

This is a booklet produced by the national Stewardship Committee which helps PCCs encourage generous giving amongst their church members.  Copies are available from Diocesan Church House and can also be downloaded from the Giving in Grace website together with a clergy guide that suggests how it can be used in a parish.

Reimagining the Offertory

For many years churches have passed round a bag or plate during a service to collect offerings of money. It is probably fair to say that the resaons for doing this are little understood by the average congregation. The National Stewardship team have put together a very helpful resource pack which aims to help parishes to move their offerings closer to be coming a joyful act of worship and a committed part of discipleship.  It includes

  • An introduction asking 'why think about the offering?'
  • Questions for PCC reflection
  • A discussion of whether or not to pass a bag or plate
  • A Case study 'Offering rather than Collecting'
  • Ideas to enhance a sense of offering
  • Thoughts about Communicating how and why we give
  • Suggestions about how to introduce the offertory
  • Offertory Prayers
  • A look at the Offertory in Non-Eucharistic worship
  • Suggestions of Hymns and Songs that are particularly suitable for the offertory

A PDF version of the pack can be downloaded by clicking here

Parish Resources

The national Parish Resources website produced by the Church of England's National Stewardship & Resources tem includes resources to help parishes with all aspects of their finances.  It includes a page with links to many other resources that can help to encourage giving and generosity in parishes.

Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers (ACAT)

The national ACAT website ( support church treasurers of all denominations.  It includes a members area which the Dioces of Sheffield subscribes to on behalf of all of our parishes.  There is one group login and the details can be provided by the Diocese's finance team 01709 309142. 

Other Support for Parish Finance

You can access the Finance and Statistics pages of the Diocesan Website by clicking here where you will also find links to the Diocesan Finance Network