A new bishop-elect...

9th May 2017

Sheffield Cathedral

On Friday, 5 May the College of Canons at Sheffield Cathedral elected the Very Revd Peter Jonathan Wilcox as the eighth Bishop of Sheffield following The Queen’s nomination.  The election took place in the Chapter House, following a Choral Eucharist.

This is part of the formal process that sees the Very Revd Wilcox move closer to taking up office in Sheffield.  The election by the college of canons will be confirmed on Monday 5 June on behalf of the province at York Minster.  When the election is confirmed, the spiritualities of the see are restored to the bishop.

As Pete Wilcox is not already a bishop, he will need to be consecrated into episcopal orders.  This will take place at a service on 22 June at York Minster.  Those wishing to attending this service can found out more here.

The final stages of the process will see the new bishop pay homage to The Queen.  This will be followed by a service at Sheffield Cathedral in the autumn where he will take up his seat or ‘cathedra’.  Keep an eye out for further details on the process.

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