Lucy Luckock

Harvest at Whiston

[by Lucy Luckock, October 2017]

Over the past month children at Whiston have been preparing for the Harvest Festival Service.

The Starfish Gang (Sunday Club) led the service by singing, drama and prayers.  They have been thinking about Jesus Feeding the Five Thousand when they have practiced the drama called The Biggest Picnic ever, they have watched a cartoon about Jesus feeding the five thousand and made posters whilst talking about this amazing story.

One of the local Brownie packs made leaf collages of life size Brownies which we hung around church and said a poem about Harvest using the letters prepared by the Starfish Gang.

During the Service the Brownies, Rainbows and Starfish Gang joined together to sing the Harvest Samba which they all had practiced prior to the service.

Harvest was a huge success, the church was full and we had approximately 50 children actively involved in the service.


Lucy Luckock

Lucy is part of the Centenary Project and works 15 hours at St Mary Magdalene, Whiston & St Cuthbert, Herringthorpe, Rotherham as Children’s and Families Worker.

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