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Jessie's Spot

[by Jessica Greaves, April 2018]

A PDF copy of Jessica's recent AGM report.

Jessie's Spot

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Children and Families Worker Report

The project has got off to a great start since September 2017. It is a joint project in partnership with Forge Youth, Diocese Centenary Project and the Northern Lights Mission Partnership – however there are also volunteers joining us from 6 other churches and many more nations.

We have 2 mission partnership kids clubs up and running, with regular attendance and are already seeing marked improvement in children's behaviour. We are starting to see a crossover of volunteers from within the parishes and a large increase of interest from their congregations. The process from initial interest to the point where people sign up to volunteer however, is proving a slow one and we still need many more volunteers. We have begun the process of starting the third club at St.Cuthbert's and are planning a 'kids club' as an all age service to get the word out.

The kids clubs run on a weekly basis (during term time) and the children often refer to this time as 'church'.  We have recently been discussing prayer and seeing the children make huge leaps of faith in praying out loud, praying for each other, for the team and for the whole group. The children are encouraged to serve each other snacks, we have singing and thanksgivings to Jesus and plenty of games.  As the children exit each club we affirm them one-by-one and send them out with a blessing.

Language learning and house visits are an integral part to the work and this is where we see the greatest transformation.  I regularly attend Centenary Project Network and Forge Youth meetings, including various training sessions and resource events. In January I also completed the 3 day Godly Play training course and look forward to implementing those skills in the near future.

Jessica Greaves

Centenary Project Youth Worker for the Northern Lights Mission Partnership

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