Safeguarding children policy

Safeguarding Children Policy Statement

Section 1 - Introduction

Section 2 - Insurance Statement

Youth Group Insurance Scheme

Section 3 - Safeguarding Children Guidelines

Principles Of The House Of Bishops' Policy
Safe From Harm Guidelines For Working With Children
Responsibilities Of The P.C.C.
Responsibilities Of The Parish Safeguarding Children Representatives

Section 4 - Safe Working Practices

General Advice
Personal Tasks
Staffing Ratios
Dealing With Physical Contact
Managing Difficult Behaviour
Inappropriate Behaviour By Children Towards Adults
Unaccompanied Children
Making And Publishing Images Of Children
Guidelines For The Use Of The Internet
Working With Those Who May Pose A Risk To Children
Safeguarding Guidelines For Home-Based Youth Groups (Cell Groups)
Health & Safety
Use Of Transport
Outdoor Adventure Activity

Section 5 - Allegations Policy

Dealing With Allegations Made Against Clergy, Staff Or Volunteers
Employment Issues
Advice For Any Person Receiving An Allegation Or Concern
Do's And Do Not's
Disclosures Of Abuse From A Child Or Young Person

Section 6 - Child Abuse

What Is Child Abuse?
Significant Harm And Child In Need
Abuse Within A Church Context
Children And Young People Who Abuse
Who Abuses Children?
Common Signs And Symptoms Of Child Abuse
What To Do If You Suspect Abuse
If A Child Discloses To You
Disclosures Of Historical Abuse
Survivors Of Abuse

Section 7 - Recruitment

Parish Process Of Recruitment
Helpers Aged Under 18
Crb Disclosures
Portability Arrangements Applicants From Other Countries

Appendix 1: Health & Safety Risk Assessment
Appendix 2: Safeguarding Children Model Parish Policy
Appendix 3: Volunteer Role Description Form
Appendix 4: Volunteer Application Form And Confidential Declaration Form
Appendix 5: Policy Acceptance Form
Appendix 6: Activity Consent Form
Appendix 7: Reference Request Letter
Appendix 8: Resources And Information
Appendix 9: Premises Booking Form


  • Childline 24 hour phone helpline for children and young people
  • NSPCC helpline and information on all aspects of child abuse and child protection


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