Mission Shaped Congregations: Re-imagining church DVD (price £10) from Fresh Expressions.  Review by Revd Canon John Thomson, Director of Ministry & Revd Helen Bent, Bishop’s Adviser in Music and Worship.



John Thomson says, ‘This easy access DVD aims to help ministers plan acts of worship which introduce fresh expressions to their congregation and get congregations to think mission shaped. It provides liturgical, musical and audio-visual material in formats which allow those planning the service to create a form of worship and sermon style which relate to their context. The material can be streamed to ease thematic coherence and internet updates can be downloaded. The video clips give snapshots of different fresh expressions across the country ranging from Living, a FE for students in Southampton, Legacy, a skate park FE to Moot, a community church in Westminster and Cable Street a FE in the east end of London. I found the powerpoint easy to use and it comes with discussion notes for midweek groups/house groups and PCCs. This is a great resource for busy clergy and lay ministers since it offers quality material in an accessible format with imaginative support. Why not use it to prepare for the Diocesan Development Day ‘Growing fresh expressions of church within a mixed economy church’ on October 2nd at the Philadelphia Campus, Sheffield which will be led by the FE team.’


Helen Bent, Bishop’s Adviser in Music and Worship, says ‘This informative DVD is a great tool for getting started. The video provides a window into ‘re-imagining’ the church with its cameos of fresh expressions. Real life stories from people new to faith always inspire us. The cameos remind us of the importance of food, the need for talks on the right level, and the positive response when church is vibrant and enjoyable. We realize again the importance of personal invitation and the need for love, acceptance and a sense of belonging. And how many people seek Sanctuary (Birmingham) from a rushing, noisy world in a quiet, reflective atmosphere? Lasting under three minutes, the video is a good way to introduce the idea of FE to an existing congregation to get their imagination and creative juices flowing. Or you may like to use the Powerpoint presentation, which gives a clear explanation of what a FE might look like ‘anytime, anyplace anywhere’ in a mixed economy church. The interactive DVD-ROM will also help you to add a clear mission-shaped focus to Sunday worship, providing liturgy in various traditions, a good range of musical suggestions in a breadth of styles, and ideas for creative ways of reflecting and praying. Easy to use, with additional study notes for small groups and access to internet updates, this is a great way to whet the congregation’s appetite for this year’s Diocesan Development Day ‘Growing fresh expressions of church within a mixed economy church’ on October 2nd at the Philadelphia Campus, Sheffield, led by the FE team.’



The DVD can be borrowed from the Resources Centre, Church House, Rotherham.


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