Early stages of exploring Christianity?

Early stages of exploring Christianity?

Read more about the Christian Faith and find out what God's Love means to others

Joy to the World...

Joy to the World...

Experience #JoyToTheWorld at one of our many Christmas services taking place in Church of England churches

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  • 4th February 2017 | Step Forward

    An event for anyone aged 18 to 30 who is wondering whether God might be calling them to ordained ministry in the Church of England. Read more

  • 20th February to 27th February 2017 | A pilgrimage to the Holy Land

    A comprehensive 8-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land in February 2017. Read more

  • 27th February to 28th February 2017 | The Bishop's Annual Lectures 2017

    For all clergy within the diocese of Sheffield and all licenced or authorised lay ministers. We have two dates - two venues and two speakers. Read more

  • 12th June to 14th June 2018 | Diocesan Conference 2018!

    Hold the date for the next Diocesan Conference at Swanwick in 2018. Read more

Faith Stories: Overcoming the doubts

"When I was a teenager, I was full of doubts about God and resented being taken to church each Sunday with my parents. On the one hand, they were proud of my achievements, but somehow, I was not quite good enough. We never talked about feelings or shared hugs and kisses, they were reserved for babies.

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Bishop of Doncaster

Presidential Address to Synod – 26 November 2016

Some of you may know that a couple of weeks ago the diocese had a Peer Review.  Peer Review is a process being introduced to facilitate learning and improve shared accountability across the Church of England.  The primary objective being to help strengthen mission and finances in the dioceses. As part of the process each diocese is asked to complete a self-assessment form which explores developments relating to growth, the common good, re-imagining ministry, strategic leadership,...

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Guest Blog

Combatting Gender Based Violence

Two weeks ago I attended the Partnership for World Mission conference at Swanwick, themed around “Mission in a Moving World”. The conference was both inspirational and, at times, deeply upsetting.  For me, and for many others, the most difficult part was hearing the stories of those who had experienced rape as a weapon of war, even in detention centres in the UK.  The leaders of the Anglican Communion have identified Gender Based Violence as a key issue for the communion and have urged...

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Lively and diverse Christian communities

The Diocese of Sheffield is made up of Church of England organisations located throughout South Yorkshire and the southern parts of the East Riding of Yorkshire. It comprises parishes, schools, chaplaincies, missional communities and other organisations all united by their common Christian faith.

It is an Anglican diocese that is made up of a diverse community of mission-focused people who are seeking to transform their lives, and the lives of others, by sharing the Christian faith.  Since the creation of the diocese in 1914, the shape of the villages, towns and cities may have changed but the people are still vibrant, energetic and passionate about serving our Lord Jesus Christ.

As a diocese we have been called to grow a sustainable network of Christ-like, lively and diverse Christian communities in every place which are effective in making disciples and in seeking to transform our society and God’s world.  Every day around the diocese, dedicated, creative and passionate people are working together in the mission of God.

On this website you can find resources and information relevant to all aspects of Christian life, churches and parishes, schools and wider ministry. If you can't find what you are looking for, contact Church House, our administration centre, on 01709 309100.