Hannah Redeyoff - Centenary Project Worker

Update from Rossington & Finningley

[by Hannah Redeyoff, January 2018]

When I began my post in September (2016) one of my first goals was to launch a youth group at St Michael’s Church in Rossington. We launched what is now known as IGNITE on Friday the 16th of September 2016 and have been meeting on a weekly basis. We started with around 9 young people and now average around 16 young people each week with many young people on the register - 48 young people have come to an IGNITE since we have launched and I continue to be so thankful to God for his blessings.

We have enjoyed the Centenary Project Big Weekend residential, two trips to Breathe Deep, sleepovers, social events (including finally mastering how to make slime!) as well as exploring the Fruits of the Spirit and a new series on ‘I am Valued…’ building on the theme ‘Differently, the Same’ that was the theme of this years Breathe Deep.

In September 2017 we launched IGNITE+ a fortnightly discipleship group made up of young people that come to IGNITE. This takes place separately to IGNITE and in a different format. We are near to the end of completing the Youth Alpha series, the young people have really engaged with it and we have had many large deep faith discussions. We plan on continuing IGNITE+ with a Stir Pack on spirituality.

In the very near future I hope to begin working with the Church of England primary school on the Young Leaders Award, to develop and strengthen relationships between the school and church.

I have finally mastered how to make slime!

DYNAMITE Youth Discipleship Group have been working through a range of six week programs focusing on a wide variety of issues such as identity, mind matters, healthy relationships, life online and making a difference. These programs are being successfully used to address and 'stir up' the many spiritual thoughts and feelings which already exist within young people.

The Youth Group also enjoyed a Christmas Social at the end of 2017 which involved making a 3 course Christmas Dinner.  This event was a great success and we are planning more social activities involving using the kitchen throughout the year e.g. Eurovision Song Contest evening where we will cook and eat foods from the different countries.

Café 3:30 – Café 3:30 is being launched at Finningley Church in February 2018. The event will be a cafe style monthly gathering on the 4th Sunday of every month at 3:30pm, lasting up to an hour.

Primarily for families but everyone is welcome, each month will have a theme, there will be different activities every time ranging from; games, crafts, prayer stations, messy activities, upbeat contemporary songs, videos, delicious goodies, stories, something to take away and hopefully lots of fun to be had.

The Church will be set out just like a cafe with a range of large and small tables, so families can be as friendly as they wish, and to hopefully ensure they feel comfortable.

Schools Connections - I am continuing my relationship with local schools such as working with the year 5’s at St Oswald’s Church of England Academy on the Archbishop of Young Leaders Award. I am also continuing to run the weekly Christian Union with 11-15 young people at Hayfield School and mentoring individual young students too. 


Hannah Redeyoff

Hannah is part of the Centenary Project and works 25 hours / week as the Youth and Family Worker for Holy Trinity and St Oswald’s Church in Finningley and St Michael’s Church in Rossington.

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