Grants for church buildings and communities


On this page you have access to specific time-limited grants and funding directories which contain details of bodies that regularly provide grants to church building and associated projects such as the care of bells, clocks and organs.

Information is updated on a regular basis.

Take time to identify and address any conditions funders may set and avoid sending out blanket applications.


Funding Directories

Funding directories provide information on a wide range of organisations that make regular grants to churches. Some give only to specific subjects or geographical areas. Do not submit blanket applications as funders have their own application forms and requirement it is essential you address.

Sources of funding - a list of institutions and grants

Charitable Grants for Churches

Guidance Notes on Funding for Conservation and Specific Works

Heritage Alliance National Directory of Funders


New Fund Launched to Tackle Loneliness (England)

Charities and community groups in England can now apply for a share of close to £9 million aimed at tackling loneliness by building strong social connections and welcoming communities. The money is from the £11.5 million Building Connections Fund. Almost £9 million will be distributed by the Big Lottery Fund, the largest funder of community activity in the UK, and will support projects already working to prevent or reduce loneliness to increase their impact. Grants of between £30,000 and £100,000 will be available for projects which reach out to people of all ages who feel lonely or isolated, and encourage them to take part in activities, helping them to feel more connected. This could include making the most of community spaces, improving access to transport, using digital technology, or joining up local services to have a bigger reach. The closing date for applications is the 24th August 2018.

War Memorials Grant Scheme (UK)

Grants of up to £30,000 are available grants for the repair and conservation of free-standing war memorials in England. These grants are intended to help those who are responsible for the upkeep of war memorials. The grants support the care and preservation of war memorials to a high standard, and to prevent the decay of this important part of our built heritage. Grants will normally be for up to a maximum of 75% of eligible costs. The funding is being made available through the War Memorials Trust and the next closing date for applications is the 30th September 2018.


Funding for the Repair and Conservation of Churches (Yorkshire)

The Yorkshire Historic Churches Trust awards grants for a whole spectrum of repairs across all denominations. The majority of grants awarded have been for fabric repairs. However, the preservation of individual artefacts like organs or monuments have also been key reasons for grants awarded.

In order to be eligible, applicants must demonstrate a focus of mission and care for their building; any schemes should be prepared by a qualified architect/surveyor. In addition the Trust requires the following:

  • The building must be in use as a place of worship and be accessible to the public.
  • The building must not cease operating as a place of worship in the foreseeable future.
  • The applicants must show a genuine shortfall in funding.
  • The applicants must be actively fundraising and be able to confirm they anticipate being able to raise any financial shortfall. Categories for grant-aid generally include:
  • Repairs
  • Restoration

If you would like to apply for a grant, download the form below, or get in touch with Jonathan Stamp, the grants secretary on 07594 578665 if have you have any questions. Please download our grant guidance notes to aid you in filling out the forms. Thank you for your interest in the Trust.

Grant application form 2018

Grant guidance notes 2018


Funding for Large Heritage Projects (UK)

Grants of over £100,000 are available to support a wide variety of larger heritage projects. The Heritage Lottery Fund's Heritage Grant Scheme provides grants of over 100,000 to not-for-profit organisations; and partnerships led by not-for-profit organisations for any project relating to national, regional and local heritage.


Architectural Heritage Fund Community Heritage Support Fund


Our core purpose is to help communities across the UK develop appropriate and economically-viable uses for historic buildings, and this Fund will provide supportive investment into enterprises which benefit from the UK’s architectural heritage and consequently seek to improve the lives of people in our communities. Our blended investments will focus on supporting not only a building or building project, but also on the activities and sustainability of those community and social businesses which are working with or within buildings of heritage significance, to  enable organisations to become established, deliver, survive and then thrive.


ChurchCare - Grants for Fabric Repairs (UK)

ChurchCare - Grants for Fabric Repairs (England)
The Church of England of England has announced that the next deadline for applications to its ChurchCare - Grants for Fabric Repairs is the 30th July 2017. ChurchCare supports all those in parishes, dioceses and cathedrals caring for their buildings. The Fabric Repairs programme helps PCC's with the eligible costs of essential fabric repairs in architecturally or historically significant Anglican churches in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Applications are considered on the grounds of the historic and architectural significance of the building and also on a parish's engagement with the history and interpretation of the site/building. Works eligible for funding tend to be Category A or B recommendations in a quinquennial inspection report and include things such as roof repairs; masonry repairs; rainwater disposal and drainage.


ChurchCare Conservation Grants 

Click on the links below to see further information, forms and closing dates for CBC grants in the following areas:


Paintings & Wall Paintings:


Fabric Repairs:



Stained Glass:

Churchyard Structures  

Church Plate

Further information about these grants and how to apply can be found here. Please contact John Webster if you have any questions.


HLF and grants for Places of Worship

HLF has issued further guidance on the new funds available for places of worship here

With the end of the Listed Places of Worship Grants Scheme, parishes now must compete alongside other bodies for heritage funding (including repairs). Whilst other sources of funding are available, most funders and the HLF in particular require a significant part of your proposal to include greater and improved community use of your building and sharing of its heritage.

  • Our Heritage (£10,000-£100,000) a one stage application process for smaller projects looking to undertake more straight-forward repairs. Applications assessed within eight weeks.
  • Heritage Grants (£100,000-£5m) entail a two stage application process but gives applicants the opportunity to secure funding for more ambitious projects and allows them to undertake a development phase to help shape their proposals.
  • Resilient Heritage (£3,000-£250,000) can be used by individual organisations or partnerships to help them better manage their heritage by developing income-generation strategies, feasibility studies or other assessments in preparation for a larger Heritage Grant application

Further information regarding the new approach taking by HLF for funding grants can be found here


Maintenance Booker

A service which offers qualified and experienced contractors for clearing drains and gutters, lightning conductor tests and tree work (permission Required via Log B). Small grants available. Go to the Maintenance Booker website


National Churches Trust Project Development Grants (UK)

Grants of up to £10,000 are available to help churches of any Christian denomination develop high quality sustainable repair and community projects. Priority in this round will be given to applications from the North East of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, as well as from Baptist and Presbyterian churches. Buildings must have been built as churches originally and 50% of the funds needed must be in place. The funding can be used to diagnose issues affecting the church; test the viability of proposed solutions to improve sustainability; and develop guiding policies and plans that will be implemented through an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund, or other large church heritage funders. See here for more details


National Churches Trust  Maintenance Grants Programme Launches (UK)

The National Churches Trust, which supports the repair and revitalisation of church buildings for the benefit of all the community, has announced the launch of its new Maintenance Grant Scheme. This is a pilot programme, in partnership with the Pilgrim Trust, offering awards of between £1,000 and £2,500 to encourage churches to act on small, urgent maintenance issues and repairs to listed church buildings, as identified in a recent Quinquennial Inspection Report, condition survey or report by a gutter management contractor, and costed at between £2,000 and £10,000. Proposed works must be to the main listed church building, and applicants must be able to show they have already raised 50% of the total repair costs, and to have obtained two quotes for the works. Find out more and apply for a Maintenance Grants


National Churches Trust Repair Grants (UK)

The National Churches Trust has announced that its Repair Grants Programme is now open for applications. The programme offers grants of between £5,000 and £40,000 to places of worship of any denomination and age towards the cost of urgent and essential structural repair projects which have an estimated cost of at least £100,000. Applications will be considered from both listed and unlisted Christian places of worship across the UK and the trust is particularly interested in applications from North East England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, as well as from Baptist and Presbyterian churches. Applicants will need to have already raised 50% of the total project cost and projects must be led by a qualified professional who must have conservation accreditation if repairs are for a listed building.Next closing date is 5th March 2018


Funding for the Repair and Conservation of Churches (Yorkshire )

Christian churches of any denomination that are used for public worship and situated in Yorkshire may apply for funding to the Yorkshire Historic Churches Trust for repairs to the church fabric; the conservation of fixtures and fittings; or repairs to bells, clocks and organs. In the last 10 years, grants to individual churches have ranged in size from £250 up to £112,492. In order to be eligible for funding applicants must demonstrate a focus of mission and care for their building and that have had their scheme prepared by a qualified architect/surveyor. Preferred projects will be able to demonstrate active fundraising for the project and show that there is a genuine shortfall in funding. Check the YHCT grants page for more details


The William and Jane Morris Fund (UK)

The fund accepts applications from churches, chapels and other places of worship built before 1896. The Fund offers grants of between £500 - £3,000 towards work concerned with the conservation of decorative features such as stained glass windows; sculpture; furniture; internal monuments and tombs; and wall paintings; etc. The decorative feature, monument, etc must be dated before 1896 (the date of William Morris's death). Applications for features dated after 1896, even if they are in churches dated before 1896, are not eligible.


Veolia Environmental Trust Grants (UK)

Constituted, not-for-profit groups within the vicinity of a qualifying Veolia site, can apply for grants of between £10,000 and £75,000 towards community buildings; parks and paths, play and recreational facilities; nature reserves and biodiversity projects. To qualify for funding, projects must have a total cost of under £250,000 (including VAT and professional costs). There is a two-stage application process and applicants successful at stage 1 must have secured 20% of funding towards the project prior to submitting a full (stage 2) application.


The Rank Foundation – Pebbles Programme (UK)

UK registered charities and recognised churches which are raising money for capital projects (building work, refurbishment or the purchase of long-term equipment) or a one-off short term activity (such as an annual respite break or holiday for disadvantaged young people) can apply for funding through the Rank Foundation Pebbles programme. To be eligible to apply the total project cost must be less than £1 million, the organisation must have an annual income of less than £500,000 and the organisation applying must already have raised a third of the total costs. Applications can be submitted at any time.

Further information can be found here.


Need advice on how to raise funds?


The Giving to Heritage initiative offers advice and mentoring in a variety of formats to those seeking to raise funds for heritage based projects.

Workshops advice on subjects including creating a case to support, crowd funding, using social media and planning your strategy.

Project Development Grants offered by the National Churches Trust fund feasibility studies to help develop high quality sustainable repair and community projects.