Finance & Statistics

For enquiries about parish finances contact the Finance Team at Church House by emailing or telephoning 01709 309142.

Advice can be provided on the organisation and format of Parish Accounts, Gift Aid reclaim, VAT and other financial matters.  PCCs are excepted charities and are not required to register separately with the Charity Commission unless their income or expenditure exceeds £100,000 in any one year. For advice on registration or if you think that it may apply to your parish contact the Diocesan Secretary or the Finance Office.  To maintain their excepted status, parishes are required to supply an annual set of accounts to the Diocesan Office – please send them for the attention of the Diocesan Secretary. Accounts are also required from those parishes that are registered with the Charity Commission.

Other Finance related Diocesan Webpages

You can access the Stewardship and Giving page of the Diocesan website which provides resources to help parishes promote Christian stewardship by clicking here

Information about grants including those from the Diocesan Grants committee can be found by clicking here

Finance forms

Please note that the Finance Return should include all PCC funds, not just the General Fund. The Finance reporting entries have remained mostly consistent. The standard guidance for financial reporting for PCC’s (published in PCC Accountability: the Church of England's guide to the Charities Act 2011 and the PCC) is avilable from the Church of England Website by clicking here.

Finance Form 2016 Finance Form 2017

Parish treasurers need to send in a copy of the Annual Finance summary together with their Annual accounts to the Finance Officer at Church House as soon after the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) as possible. It is hoped that they will all have been received by the end of May.

Parochial fees

The parochial fees forms for 2017 are available to download below.

Parochial Fees Form 2018 (Printable)  Parochial Fees Form 2018 (Editable)  Fees Table 2017

Fees Table 2018

Retired Clergy, Non Stipendiary Minister and Reader Fees

The fees claim form for 2017 can be downloaded below.  Please submit claims on a quarterly or monthly basis as retrospective claims for the previous financial year cannot be accepted.

 Clergy with PTO claim form

Useful Websites

Parish Resources

The national Parish Resources website produced by the Church of England's National Stewardship & Resources team includes pages and downloads to help parishes with all aspects of their finances including guidance for treasurers about accounting and Gift Aid, and links to the Parish Buying initiative which provides contracts and guidance to save parishes time and money.

Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers (ACAT)

The national ACAT website supports church treasurers of all denominations.  It includes a members area which the Diocese of Sheffield subscribes to on behalf of all of our parishes.  There is one group login and the details can be provided by the Diocese's finance team 01709 309142.