8th September 2018

Taking place on 8 Sept, Ride+Stride is England’s open churches day, supported by the National Churches Trust. 

The idea is to visit as many places of worship as possible, and also get sponsored for visiting them. So whether you’re opening your church doors, or hot-footing it between parishes by any means – your endeavours will contribute hugely to those churches most in need.

The sponsorship money raised is shared 50/50 between Yorkshire Historic Churches Trust and an individual church of the participant’s choice. So whether you’ll be opening your church’s doors or hot-footing it about the Diocese’s beautiful countryside to visit as many churches as possible, the day promises to be an enjoyable, generous and worthwhile endeavour for all!

If you have a route in mind but are unsure whether the church you’re hoping to visit will be open, or if you’re organising an open day and would like to be connected with other churches in the area - we can help! Just drop us an email at katie.steele@sheffield.anglican.org.

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