Heritage Open Days

13th September to 16th September 2018

Every September heritage sites across the country open their doors for the Heritage Open Days festival. The event offers visitors the chance to learn and hear about buildings, artefacts and stories which they normally wouldn’t, as well as giving those who care for, and worship in them, chance to share them.

This year, one of the festival’s themes is Extraordinary Women in celebration of the centenary of votes for women. Many of the churches around the Diocese have links to women whose stories are rarely told or which have been forgotten from public memory. Please take this opportunity to share their contributions!

The Diocese is hoping to host more open churches than ever before, taking advantage of having not one, but two weekends to welcome visitors. To that end, please feel free to get in touch with our Historic Churches Support Officer, Katie Steele with any enquiries or requests for support.

Please get involved in HoD 2018 and give everyone in the Sheffield – Doncaster area the opportunity to experience the rich variety of heritage represented by our churches.

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