Our vision

The Diocese is committed to growth and has set out how this will be acheived over the next 10 years through four strategic areas.

The Diocese of Sheffield is called to grow a sustainable network of Christ-like, lively and diverse Christian communities in every place which are effective in making disciples and in seeking to transform our society and God’s world.

The four growth strategy booklets, Growing the Body of Christ, Re-imagining Ministry in Mission, Salt and Light and A Little Letter on Giving can be downloaded below.

Growing the Body of Christ

This short booklet sets out our plans for growth in the Diocese of Sheffield for the next ten years. By God’s grace we want to see many people become Christians and we want to see the whole church grow.  If we want the Church to grow we need to give priority to making of disciples through the life of every the local church (children, young people and adults).




Re-imagining Ministry for Mission

God has a great work of grace to do in the Diocese over the next decade. We long to see sustainable Christian communities in every place. We long to see the Body of Christ grow in depth and in numbers. We long to see every disciple and the whole Church serving our wider society as salt and light. Our future strategy for ministry will be a vital part of seeing this. Ministers are the ligaments and sinews in the Church. We need more of them as we grow and we need them to be well trained and supported. This short booklet sets out our direction of travel in Re-imagining Ministry for Mission over the next ten years.


Salt & Light

Salt and Light is about how we seek to transform our society and God’s world. The material in Salt and Light is a summary of a more detailed document which emerged from a listening process across the Diocese.  It aims to encourage and empower those in parishes to recognise and speak up for issues and injustices throughout neighbourhoods, communities, towns, cities and countries.  It also establishes a network of volunteers to foster ideas throughout the Diocese.



A Little Letter on Giving

This document is written as a letter from the Bishop of Sheffield to thank people for all that they give in so many ways. He also sets out a hope in this centenary year for a step change in the finances of the diocese so it can plan for growth into the future. Please join me in that prayer and in this journey




Forming and equipping the people of God

Launched in 2016, this is not a new strategy document but a revision and updating of Reimagining Ministry for Mission.  It gives even greater prominence to discipleship in our thinking and planning.  It also gives details on St Peter's College, which will bring together all the diocesen formation for ministry.



Full Strategy Document