Dementia Friendly Communities

Dementia Friendly Communities is part of the Alzheimer's Society five-year strategy Delivering on Dementia. The programme focuses on improving inclusion and quality of life for people with dementia. The Dementia Friends initiative is a key part of the programme. The Alzheimer's Society is working working with governments and other organisations, such as fellow members of the Dementia Action Alliance, to support communities who want to become dementia friendly.

In order for dementia-friendly communities to succeed, the views and opinions of people with dementia and their carers must be at the heart of any considerations or decisions. Building dementia-friendly communities: A priority for everyone provides evidence of dementia-friendly communities from the perspective of people affected by dementia. It explores the barriers that people face in their community, how they would like to be engaged in their local area and the support they need to empower them to do so. Overall, the report aims to provide guidance to areas that are looking to become dementia-friendly and to provide extra evidence for those already committed to becoming dementia-friendly.

To support the development of dementia friendly communities local dementia action alliances have been established across England. Local Dementia Action Alliances bring together key stakeholders within a community and people affected by dementia to identify the key changes required to make their community dementia friendly. Hundreds of organisations, villages, towns and cities have joined the Dementia Action Alliance and in doing so are taking steps towards becoming dementia friendly. As part this, they have developed their own action plans detailing the steps they will take. These action plans are registered with Dementia Action Alliance and reviewed periodically. Once an organisation has registered an action plan they receive the 'working towards becoming dementia friendly' award.

The Diocese of Sheffield is a member of the Dementia Action Alliance and has its own action plan. It has therefore been recognised as 'working to becoming dementia friendly'. Several members of the South Yorkshire Churches Dementia Group are Dementia Champions and are therefore able to deliver Dementia Friends sessions. Information on how to organise a Dementia Friends Information session can be found on the Useful Resources page.