Dave Ludbrook - Centenary Project Worker

October Half Term - Fresh Cafe

[by Dave Ludbrook, December 2016]

During October half-term, our church runs a Holiday Club for primary aged children, but there is nothing for young people of secondary school age.

And so our new youth venture was born - 'Fresh Cafe'.

The idea of Fresh Cafe was that it would be a free flowing youth event for secondary school aged pupils where they could enjoy the different games and activities for the first half hour or so while helping themselves to drinks and snacks at their leisure. We would then gather them together in the middle of the event, where we could initiate a few group challenges and look at a topic together.

On this occasion, we looked briefly at the story of Daniel in the Bible and how he was under so much pressure being in a foreign place and being asked to do things that he wasn't happy doing. We then related this to the pressures that we can be under in today's society and how we could use the story of Daniel to be able to cope with the stresses and strains of daily life. We then concluded our evenings with some team sporty games including netball and hockey.

Overall, the two evenings were a success. Although our numbers were not huge, the few young people we already have within the church felt comfortable enough to invite their friends along which in my book makes it a complete success!

We plan to do more Fresh Cafes in the New Year so watch this space!

We thank God for his merciful hand upon our event and for all our future workings.



Dave Ludbrook

Dave is part of the Centenary Project and works 30 hours / week at St James, Woodhouse, as their Youth Worker.

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