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Higher 2018“You were made for so much more…”

[by Dan Fall, May 2018]

The Higher Tour is an initiative of the Message Trust and their goal is to see the biggest evangelical outreach to young people in a generation. To let them know they were made for so much more, and to introduce them to Jesus.

In the lead up to Holy week, the Centenary Project partnered with the Higher team and Shine to put on several “Higher Nights”, a series of days comprised of in-school teaching and assemblies from a Higher Band, followed by an evening gig with a strong evangelistic focus.

One such event took place in Greasbrough in the parish of St Mary’s. After some fantastic ground work with the school, led by CP Worker Becky, Wingfield Academy opened their doors to welcome the band Amongst Wolves. A relatively new four piece with a strong rock sound and a passion for young people.

During the day, the band performed to each year group, playing a mix of covers and their own material including a song all about choosing God, with that lyric “you were made for so much more”. They also spoke to the students about mental health, self confidence and their identity, explaining that members of the band had found their identity in relationship with Jesus. At the end of each session the students were invited to come to a gig held at St Marys that evening, so they could hear more of the band and more of what they had to say.

The evening gig was really exciting!

With all the chairs moved to one side and the lights and sound system in place, the church was transformed. There was a real sense of anticipation as the young people gathered in the entry, eager to come in. After a mad game and introduction from CP workers Dan & Becky, the band kicked off with a powerful performance, plenty of hair waving, head banging and importantly, loads of smiles from the young people.

Towards the end of the night, one member of the band gathered the crowd together and spoke of his experience, his journey to faith and what difference Jesus had made to his life. At the end he made an offer, if anyone there wanted to know more, wanted to know this Jesus, to raise their hands…. six hands went up! Each one was prayed with and given a bible, then all the young people were invited to attend a follow up event at the church. The band closed with another couple of songs then stuck around to sign autographs and merchandise, which the young people loved, with five more bibles given out to young people who wanted them.

The whole event was a brilliant success. The school have been really positive in their feedback and the follow up event has planted the seeds of a youth group for the church. We’re excited to see what God does next, and especially looking forward to Higher 2019.


Dan Fall

Dan is part of the Centenary Project and works full time at St Francis, Bramley, as the Youth & Worship Leader.

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