Crossroads Mission Resources

This event has now taken place but I am going to leave some resources here in case they are useful to people.


  • Crossroads Mission Preparation Resource. This document gives an overview of the whole process of preparing for the mission, organising events, and thinking through appropriate follow up. It has information about practicalities & prayer, as well as ideas for events & activities. Click to download.
  • Crossroads logo. You can download the logo here.
  • Prayer postcard. You can download the card here - it has the Crossroads Mission prayer, space to pray for your friends and themes for each day to cover different aspects of the mission.
  • Additional Guidelines for Schools Work - this document is for local churches and for team members.
  • Prayer resources. You can download this resource sheet, prepared for the 10 Days of Prayer. Added to this page.
  • Response / referral card. You can print copies of this simple A6 postcard to enable people at events to request further contact / information by giving you their address and / or phone number.