Church School Links

The children in our families, churches and communities spend a significant amount of their lives within school. How can the church develop positive relationships with schools that address the real needs of that school? Part of the role of the children’s officer is to encourage churches in their links with schools in their community. The Government guidelines in ‘ Every Child Matters’ bring challenges and opportunities as churches seek to find relevant ways of sharing faith with children today.
There are a lot of exciting links already in the diocese. This is an area that will continue to grow and workshops will be offered regularly to support these links.

Events and training are sometimes delivered in partnership with Scripture Union, Christians and Sheffield Schools and Doncaster Schools Workers Trust.

It is now possible to offer support for schools and RE Coordinators, especially through the Time and Space to Wonder project, and though linking with the work of the Education team.

Christianity, RE and Worship

Listed below are a selection of resources that can be used for children's religious development.

Children's Society Christingle resources, lesson plans, prayers, hymns and other activities available online to provide everything teachers will need to plan assemblies and services 

Nurturing the Gospel

Headteacher's Commissioning

Collective Worship

Anglican Identity Prayers