Centenary Project Workers


Marion Ball

I’m Marion Ball and I am the Children’s and Families Missioner for the benefice of Airymn, Hook and Rawcliffe, and the parish of Great Snaith – seven churches in all! These are fragile churches in deeply rooted local communities, mainly rural.

I started in May 2016 and I work 20 hours a week, mainly during term time.

My role is to be a catalyst for work with children and families in these very traditional congregations, drawing together small groups of faithful and open-hearted Christians, who often don’t feel confident in their skills, and seeking with them the best step forward in their place. I often draw them together with other local agencies, especially schools, and with local people outside the church who are nevertheless on a journey of faith; I support and mentor as we go.

Without the Centenary Project, my role would not exist, as the churches could not afford it. The networking is a vital aspect as it has the potential not just to support the worker but to open the eyes of the congregations.

I am excited when God is able to use me and those whose faith I see growing around me, to draw others deeper into a life-long walk with Jesus; taking forward his work with children and families as they go.

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Jordan Bentliff

I’m Jordan Bentliff and I am the Children and Families Worker for the parishes of St John Mexborough and St Margaret Swinton. These are passionate, local community churches, who are experiencing steady growth in their children’s ministries.

After finishing a course at a Bible College, I started working for the Centenary Project in October 2017 and work 30 hours a week.

My role is to develop a wide variety of ministries, from tots and toddlers groups to Sunday schools. Through this, I hope to bring the children in my parishes into a deeper faith with Christ so that they can share in communion with the church community.

The Centenary Project has given me an opportunity to be in a church that needs to invest in their young people, but would not have been able to afford the investment without assistance. They also provide an excellent support network for me as a children’s worker, both physically and spiritually.

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Chris Bishop

Hello, my name is Chris and I co-ordinate all aspects of Youth Ministry within the parishes of St Mary’s Handsworth, St Catherine’s Richmond, St Matthews Carver Street and St Peters Hoyland. These parishes are part of the Hickleton Chapter and together we affirm our Catholic beliefs and practices that are the heritage of the Church of England.

I started my work with the Hickleton Chapter back in May 2016 and prior to this I spent the last 7 years as a Primary School Teacher working in Faith Schools. I am employed to work full time, 37 hours per week.

My role is to help our young people engage in a meaningful relationship with Christ and the Church family and to go to those young people on the fringes of our churches and build relationships with them that will hopefully lead to an encounter with Jesus, especially in the Eucharist, which is the heart of our faith. I’m involved with pastoral work, schools, preaching, teaching, planning and worship.

Being part of the Centenary Project has nurtured me in all sorts of ways. It’s great to be part of a network of Youth and Children’s Ministers. We are a team and meet regularly for fellowship, worship and the sharing of ideas. We are looked after by Helen who meets with us both separately and as a team.

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Dan Fall

Hi My name is Dan Fall, I am the Youth and Worship Leader at St Francis Church in Bramley.

Bramley is a village parish with good links to the main town of Rotherham, it has a mixture of social and economic demographics with a few new build estates.

I started my job in November 2015 and I work 38 hours p/w.

I co-ordinate and help run the youth work in and outside of the church and co-ordinate and lead worship for the contemporary Sunday service.

In addition, I aim to develop and grow a youth 'hub' to connect young people in the Rotherham area.

The Centenary Project has provided me with a fantastic support network of other youth and children's workers as well as line management. It has also helped establish constructive, achievable objectives to help me focus my ministry and move forward with it.

I have been really excited by seeing our un-churched youth so eager to be in and around the Church and being comfortable there. They're developing a real sense of it being 'their' church.

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Will Gowers

I'm Will Gowers and I am the Youth Minister at St John's Owlerton in Sheffield.

I started working for St John's in August 2017 after completing a tour with Riding Lights Theatre Company. The role is full time consisting of 35 hours per week.

I oversee projects already set up at St John's as well as developing and growing new projects. My job covers the Sunday morning groups, youth groups throughout the week and outreach projects on Winn Gardens Estate.

I am passionate about seeing young people come into a mature faith and growing as disciples. It's exciting to see young people across the parish exploring their gifting and achieving their potential dreams and aspirations.

The Centenary Project provides a hub for children's, families and youth workers to grow together, bringing experiences and resources from different settings and roles across the diocese. This is achieved through networking meetings and training sessions throughout the year.

It's an exciting time to be part of the youth ministry in the Diocese of Sheffield and to see God moving in the lives of the young people.

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Sean Grant

I'm Sean Grant and I work as a Youth Worker at Wadsley Parish Church, so only the one church for me!  We are a church passionate about worship and seeing God's kingdom come in the parish and seeing lives transformed by him.

I started my job in November 2016 and work 35 hours a week.  Previous to this, I worked in Social Care for Sheffield City Council.

I hope to build a youth ministry in the parish, through discipleship groups that will be operating within church; seeing young people smash through their "ceiling" and grow into powerful young men and women of God.

I will also be setting up detached projects in the area, focusing on the Sutton Estate in the area, as well as parts of Wisewood. This will hopefully lead to further projects such as youth clubs, when relationships have been forged in the area and community is being built.

The Centenary Project is a great opportunity to be part of something bigger, where we as youth workers can bring ideas and experiences to be supported and pushed on.

I can't wait to see what it looks like when God is on the move among the young people of this parish.



Jessica Greaves

Hey! My name is Jessica Greaves and I am the Children and Families Worker for Pitsmoor and Fir Vale in Sheffield. I work 30 hours a week for the wonderful Northern Lights Mission Partnership, which is formed by St. Cuthbert's Fir Vale, St. Peter's Ellesmere and Christchurch Pitsmoor; and I am line managed through Forge Youth.

I started working with the Centenary Project in September 2017, though I had been living and serving in Pitsmoor as a missionary to the Slovak Roma community there, for 18 months prior to that. The Roma were my literal neighbours and it has been such a joy getting to know them. They are such a vibrant, generous and hospitable people group.

In that time, I learnt to speak some Roma, which has been has been a hilarious (and textbook-less!) journey. I am really excited about how these churches have come together and the amazing way that the Centenary Project is able to support this. I am looking forward to working with each of these churches to help facilitate outreach to the multi-cultural children and families in the area. We will be setting up a kid's club within each parish, and will build on relationships with children and their families through detached work. God is already on the move on these estates, truly stirring hearts, and transforming lives – I look forward to sharing many a testimony with you!

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Amy Hitchmough

I am the Youth and Families Worker at St Mary's Bramall Lane, Sheffield.  I started in June 2017, and work part-time (18 hours/week).  I will be working with the young people, children and families within the church and wider community. I will be involved in the local primary school doing RE lessons, assemblies and other activities. I will be focussing specifically on working with the young people to help them question and deepen their faith. I will also be involved in Messy Church and in helping the young people to serve in this area.

The Centenary Project provides a support network for me and also provides opportunities to build links across churches. This has impacted St Mary's as it has provided myself with extra training that has developed the way I can serve the church and I have also helped to lead a residential for the young people at St Mary's with the Cenetanry Project which was an incredible opportunity.

I enjoy going for walks and visiting new places, I love a good adventure. I have recently finished a degree learning about God – I absolutely love learning about God and hope to pass on this passion to others!



Lucy Luckock

My name is Lucy, and I am the Children’s and Families Worker at St Mary Magdalene, Whiston & St Cuthbert, Herringthorpe, Rotherham.

I started in September 2015 and I work 15 hours per week.

My work includes working with parent and toddler groups, uniformed organisations, Sunday children's groups, schools, Baptism follow up, safeguarding and organising family social events.

The Centenary Project has a huge impact at Whiston and Herringthorpe by taking church out into the local communities - this would not happen without Centenary Project. It is also brilliant to be part of a larger network of Children and Youth Workers - fantastic!

I feel so encouraged and excited to work alongside some amazing children and families, to be with them as they explore their faith through fun and enjoyable experiences.

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Dave Ludbrook

Hi my name is Dave, I am the Youth Worker at St James Woodhouse.

Woodhouse is situated outside Sheffield city centre in a village network, and is between two council housing estates with two primary and two secondary schools close by.

I started the role April 2016 and work 30 hours per week.

As Youth Worker I was employed to work alongside the young people who are already known to the church through their youth group 92teens, to grow and develop that group. Also to engage with the local secondary schools and the KS2 of the two local primary schools in addition to setting up some new youth events in the community and the church.

The Centenary Project has been a valuable part of my role. Not only in practical aspects but also in help, prayer and support through the other workers and through Helen. It is great to know that when you need support there is always someone around who has been or is going through the same things that you might be going through in your own parish.

Since taking on this role, there have been many challenges in both engaging the church and the community, but I am really looking forward to the new Youth Events starting in the coming months and the positive involvement within the schools.

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Alison Powell

I’m Alison Powell and I am the Children’s and Family worker for the Beakon Mission Partnership which includes the churches of St Leonard and St Mary Armthorpe, St Peter and St Paul Barnby Dun and the Church of the Good Shepherd Kirk Sandall and Edenthorpe.  In addition to this I am also taking on the role of Messy Church Coordinator for the Doncaster area.

I started in January 2018 and work 35 hours per week.

Within the parishes my role is to support and develop the gifts of the leaders for existing Messy Church and Mum and toddler groups and to disciple the families who attend them, drawing them closer to the wider church community. I will also be working with local primary schools to strengthen existing links and form new relationships with schools and look forward to the new opportunities to take Christ out in to the wider community. 

The Messy Church coordinator role will involve supporting churches across the Doncaster area with their existing work and helping those looking to establish a new group with support, training and resourcing whilst focusing on all groups becoming more God centred and being ‘church’. I aim to set up a network across Doncaster for support, sharing and growing together.

I am looking forward to this new adventure and seeing where God is planning to take me and my new church families on our faith journeys together. 


Lydia Proudman

Hi, I’m Lydia and I’m the Youth, Children’s and Families Worker for St Thomas’ Kilnhurst, and St Peter’s Conisbrough. The two churches are Mission Partners and support each other as they spread the Gospel in their villages. As old mining villages, Kilnhurst and Conisbrough are warm communities with a strong local identity.

Both churches are eager to reach out to the young people in their parishes but lack of resources has made this difficult. The Centenary Project means they can now commit to long-term projects to introduce children to the Lord Jesus and help them grow in faith in him. It is a great support network for me to be a part of!

I started in September 2017 and work 35 hours a week. I work across all age groups with St Thomas’, including involvement with the toddler group, delivering assemblies and running lunch time groups at the two local primary schools, running after school evangelistic children’s and youth groups at church, and coordinating the children’s teaching on Sundays. I work specifically with teenagers in Conisbrough, where we are setting up a Youth Discipleship Group. We hope to support the teenagers as they explore the Christian faith, and disciple those who are already committed to following Jesus.

We are all excited to see how God intends to use the Project and have had many encouragements already!

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Hannah Redeyoff

I’m Hannah and I work as Youth and Family Worker for Holy Trinity and St Oswald’s Church in Finningley and St Michael’s Church in Rossington. Two very different parishes both within Doncaster, each parish has the potential for many opportunities whilst having very different needs and populations.

I began this role in September 2016 and work 25 hours a week shared between the two churches. 

Within Finningley I am working to continue developing the existing youth group, working with families through the links we have from Baptisms, Messy Church and our Church of England Primary Academy, St Oswald’s C of E Academy, and hoping to build links with the secondary school in the area, Hayfield School.

In Rossington I am working to set up a youth group within the church, strengthen links with the Church of England Primary School, St Michael’s, and hoping to build links with the secondary school, All Saints, which is the only Church of England Secondary School in the Diocese. 

Within both parishes I will be working with large teams of volunteers and having oversight of all the fantastic children and youth work that both churches do, ensuring children, young people and families are given a warm welcome in to the churches whilst encouraging and supporting the volunteers in their ministries. 

The Centenary Project network offers huge support to each of us, it allows us to share ideas and resources, struggles and success stories, to train together, pray for each other and encourage each other in our roles. 

I am very excited about discipling more children, young people and families, sharing the message with them and building relationships, getting to know them and engaging them in a form of church that is relatable and accessible to them.

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Kirsty Rigg

Hi, I’m Kirsty and I’m the Youth, Children and Families worker for the parishes of St Hugh’s of Lincoln and St Wilfrid’s, both in Cantley in Doncaster. I am also the Chapter Hub Co-ordinator for the Hickleton Chapter, a family of parishes across Doncaster who adhere to the Catholic traditions of the Church of England. 

I started this job in March 2018 and I work 35 hours a week.  

My role in the community is to develop new opportunities for children, young people and families to get to know Jesus in the schools, in the community, and even in church!  Initially with our older young people we’ll be looking at what it means to be a follower of Jesus in today’s busy and stressful world and how, through Him, we can be our best selves.  

The Centenary Project is an amazing thing to be part of – the support on the ground from the very beginning has been fantastic. It’s unusual in a role that is lone working to have such a strong team, and because we’re in such diverse parishes and roles  there’s always someone who has a top tip or the equipment you need. 

I truly believe that our children and young people are not the “church of tomorrow” but an active part of the church of today, and I’m excited to see what they will teach me as we embark on this journey of faith together. 



Annabel Stott

Hi, my name is Annabel, I am the full-time Youth Worker for The Crossways Mission Partnership which consists of the parishes of West Bessacarr, St James Doncaster, Wadworth, Balby & Loversall.

This is a dynamic mission partnership spread across a large area of Doncaster with lots of opportunities to work with young people in the community, churches and schools. 

I started my role in June 2016 and I work 35 hours a week. 

My role is to oversee, develop and nourish the youth work that is currently happening in each of the parishes, as well as new projects and opportunities that we want to see happen, such as mentoring in schools and fresh expressions of church. 

The Centenary Project is a great support network to be a part of, to have the opportunity to share experiences and challenges with other likeminded youth and children's workers as well as being able to share resources and advice. 

An important part of my role is to bring together young people from across our mission partnership to worship, pray and share in community with each other. It has been so exciting to see this happen naturally already. Events such as Soul Survivor, our socials to places like bowling and paintballing and our monthly youth service Blaze have all started to create a community that young people are constantly welcomed into!

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Becky Walstow

Hi, my name is Becky and I'm the Youth Worker for the Cornerstone Mission Partnership in Rotherham, serving the parishes of St Mary's Greasbrough, St John's Kimberworth Park, St Thomas Kimberworth and St Mary's Rawmarsh.

I started in November 2016 and I work 35 hours a week.

I have been employed to start and co-ordinate the youth work for the parishes. I aim to begin a mid-week Christian youth group, that will build up the young people in both confidence and their relationship with God. Also, we hope to begin a youth group for both Christians and non-Christians, a space where the young people can make connections with each other and be comfortable with inviting their friends to.

I am enjoying being part of the Centenary Project and having a support network of other youth and children's workers. It’s so good to be able to connect with other workers in partnership.

I can't wait to see what God has in store for us as we begin setting up youth projects.

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