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Wanted: A Treasurer

A treasurer  (does not have to be a Reader) is required to look after the funds of the Diocesan Readers Executive which meets 3-4 times a year plus Annual General Meeting
Duties would include maintaining the financial books and records ;producing an annual report at the Readers AGM in June each year; liaising with accounting examiner
Treasurer's duties include :-
1/ Maintaining the financial records and books
2/ Liasing with an auditor for the financial records
3/Obtaining Diocesan grant.
4/ Paying to Central Reader's Council applicable fees (Capitation fees and Diocesan contribution - magazine head count)
5/ Ordering and maintaining stock (Badges etc)
6/ Ordering New Reader scarves -writing to relevant parish for funding.
7/ Paying authorised expenses where applicable.
8/ Reporting 'State of Finances' to executive meetings.
-Full training will be given
-Voluntary post –you do not need to be a Reader to apply  
-Travel expenses to and from meetings
Please contact Ian Watson at lindsey@ilwatson.plus.com or
Beryl Adamson at beryladamson@btinternet.com    

Webpage editor for the Readers' Executive Newsletter

The Readers' Association Executive Committee is looking for a webpage editor to keep the webpages up to date and run a virtual magazine for Readers. The web page editing is not difficult and full training and support will be provided.

Please contact Beryl Adamson (present chair and deputy Warden) or Imogen Clout, (Warden) if you would like to take on either of these interesting roles. Travel and other expenses will be reimbursed.

2016 Yearbook

The Readers’ Association Executive  decided to mark the 150th Anniversary of Reader Ministry by creating a record of all the Readers in the Diocese. This is a little like a high school year book, with a page for each Reader with a photograph and some information about him or her. In this way we  celebrated the diversity of our Association and the contribution it makes to the life of the Church and the community.

This is now available as a CD Rom and can be ordered from the Treasurer for £2 to cover materials, postage and packing

PTO renewal

Readers who are 70+ or who will have their 70th birthday in the 12 months before eah year's AGM  have a Permission to Officiate rather than a Bishop's Licence. This is a national rule.

A PTO can last for 12,24 or 36 months. Readers, in consultation with their incumbents and PCC can sselect the length of time that seems most suitable for them

The renewal form can also be downloaded from here, if it is mislaid.

PTO renewal form

5 year reviews

Every Reader who is under 70 has his/her ministry reviewed by another Reader (peer review) every 5 years. Readers who are due a review in 2018 will be getting a letter from the Warden by February 2018 If your ministry was last reviewed in 2013, or you were admitted as a Reader that year, you should expect a letter. Please make sure that the Warden has your up to date contact details.

You must make sure that your DBS check is up to date. In addition your reviewer will want to see evidence that your safeguarding training is up to date.

You should also have worked out a Ministry Agreement with your incumbent that you take the time to review as part of this process.

Download Ministry Agreement here

Download Review Form here

Dates for your Diary

Dates for training events are shown on the CMD and Training pages. Use the tab to the left of the screen to access these.