Becky Walstow - Centenary Project Worker

Hot Chocolate Outreach

[by Becky Walstow, May 2018]

In one of the parishes I work in I have struggled to find ways to connect with the local young people.

I started to notice that some of these young people walked past the church on their way home from school so we started a Hot Chocolate outreach. In November 2017 we set up a stall to bless the young people (and whoever else walks past) with a free hot drink in the cold weather.

At first people were a bit apprehensive, wondering why we were giving out free hot drinks, but people have slowly ‘warmed’ to the idea and love it on a Wednesday afternoon.

We even see people coming out of their way to get Hot Chocolate!

Whilst it has been slow progress, by serving the same young people week in week out we are starting to build relationships with those local to the community.

On average we hand out around 30 drinks a week, with people stopping to chat. Recently I had a group of young people stop for around 15/20 minutes chatting away to us about school, relationships and life.

It’s for the small moments like that, that I love doing it.

Becky Walstow

Becky is part of the Centenary Project and works 35 hours/week with the Cornerstone Mission Partnership 

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