Mission Action Planning Tool 1

Moving on with MissionThe first Mission Action Planning Tool can be downloaded here.

'Starter for 10' sheets can be downloaded here.

You can still submit your Action Plan Summary online, here.

Or you can print off a summary form here (PDF) or here (Word version).

The menu on the left of this page will help you find resources for developing each of the eight areas identified in the MAP tool.





Other useful links for MAP 1

PCC guidance notes

Anecdote to Evidence Report


Diocesan Strategy documents

Growing The Body Of Christ  


November 2014

MAP Tool sent out - COMPLETED

March 2015

We need the Summary Form returned for the Archdeacons’ visitations - COMPLETED

Ascension – Pentecost &
10 Days of Prayer 2015

Include prayer for your parish plans in the 10 Days of Prayer - COMPLETED

Summer – Autumn 2015

Use your plan to help you set your budget and make your Common Fund response for 2016.  You can also use it to share your vision for the church as part of your stewardship campaign and gift day - COMPLETED

January 2016

We will send you a Review Form asking for an update on progress and helping you to review your plan - COMPLETED

March 2016

We need your Review Form back for the Archdeacon’s visitation - COMPLETED

Ascension – Pentecost &
10 Days of Prayer

Pray for your progress and review plans - COMPLETED

Summer – Autumn 2016

Set your budget for 2017 and continue to address your stewardship - COMPLETED

January 2017

We begin MAP Tool 2 - COMPLETED